The increasing number of distribution channels, the global intensification of the competitive landscape, the growing complexity of product /service ranges, the movement towards consultative sales and the sale of a product or service as a solution, and the heightened requirement for profitability… 

All of these are issues which today confront enterprises.

In this context, the Commercial Department must really transform its teams, methods and tools to adapt to new demands by customers and prospects and their ultra-individualized expectations.

Commercial departments are faced with new strategic and operational challenges:

  • Defining a multichannel distribution set-up serving the Marketing strategies of "hyper-segmenting" and personalizing the customer relationship, with a view to achieving economic balance in distribution channels
  • Transforming traditional commercial set-ups, the rationale being to professionalize sales teams confronted with customers who have become "experts". This is a key issue in addressing the requirement to optimize overall commercial effectiveness (develop market competitiveness)
  • Improving the enterprise's ability to anticipate the market and steer commercial teams by interacting more effectively with teams in the field and using predictive analytics approaches relying on sales histories
  • To help its clients' Commercial departments transform themselves, the Keyrus Group makes available to those clients all its areas of know-how and business function and technological experience: distribution and segmentation strategy, omnichannel selling set-ups, commercial effectiveness, and Data utilization

Multichannel distribution strategy

Distribution channels are becoming more diversified, and the use of digital channels is now more widespread at all stages of the sales cycle. These factors have led enterprises to make significant changes to their distribution strategies. Keyrus helps its clients to :

  • Establish their multichannel distribution set-up : its role, contribution to revenues, pricing rules, commerce and customer IS architectures…
  • Design and implement product and customer segmentations adapted to the revenue potential and cost of use of channels
  • Coordinate the functioning of distribution channels : governance rules, fixing of commercial and Marketing objectives

Organization of Distribution Networks

The role of physical distribution networks - points of sale and commercial branches, call centers – has changed greatly with the development of digital sales channels. Commercial departments must develop their networks so as to meet new Marketing and commercial challenges. The aim for Commercial departments is to generate a level of competitiveness for physical networks which is consistent with that observed for digital channels. The Keyrus Group helps its clients to optimize operational levers for implementing their distribution set-up.

  • Construct the distribution meshing, and define quantitative and qualitative objectives: points of sale, sales forces…
  • Draw up the organization plan, detail commercial processes and coordination with other functions of the enterprise - Marketing, Sales Administration, Operations and Finance
  • Adapt and put in place commercial tools : CRM / SFA, training and dashboards
  • Identify skills requirements – skills development and new professions
  • Describe and implement steering bodies and routines

Commercial Affectiveness

Portfolios of offerings are becoming more enriched, products and services are growing in complexity, and, increasingly, customers are demanding advice about them. As a consequence, Commercial departments are professionalizing sales teams to a greater extent and improving daily performance.

  • Adapt the allocation of portfolios to salespersons by integrating the role of each contact channel in the sales cycle
  • Draw up commercial action plans for each channel, linked to Marketing personalization by using predictive analytics approaches - Data Analysis / Data Science
  • Develop business repositories of commercial practices so as to adjust the commercial pressure, according to the relational strategy and commercial action plans
  • Implement tools for improving prospection / retention actions : CMR and SAF 2.0
  • Make the sales teams achieve progress in their "advice posture" with customers
  • Implement tools for measuring and analyzing commercial performance - Smart & Mobile Dashboarding

Digital Transformation of Commercial Functions

The widespread use of digital channels at all stages of the sales cycle is fundamentally changing the know-how and working methods of commercial teams.

  • Put in place and utilize set-ups for monitoring the market and listening to customers in order to improve the effectiveness of sales teams' contact plans
  • Integrate skills linked to Data - Business Analysts
  • Define and conduct collaborative arrangements between Marketing and commercial players,
  • Evangelize teams to facilitate their appropriation of digital tools (e.g. : salespersons' tablets)

Managerial Mobilization

Commercial managers, and in particular local managers in the field, find themselves at the heart of the transformation of Commercial departments. Beyond their role as team leader, they bear a social responsibility to develop the skills and effectiveness of their team members, as they do in relation to the quality of life at work. It is thus essential that the enterprise assist these managers, so that they can be the intended link in the commercial strategy's implementation. 

Keyrus helps enterprises and organizations with their need to develop managerial performance, in terms of Management skills and mobilization :

  • Seminars for building or sharing a vision
  • Workshops for co-development
  • Collective – management committee, Business Unit, project teams… - and individual - executives, managers – mobilization initiatives.


  • Concorde (Hotels & Resorts)

    Optimization of the relational policy, periodic audit of the reservation centers for the hotels of the Concorde group (Crillon, Martinez, Concorde La Fayette, etc.), studies and analyses of the performance of the reservation centers, putting in place of action plans.

  • International car manufacturer

    Support the design of the sales strategy and marketing tools, enabling a reduction in time to market. Design, develop and deploy change management (training and communication) in the different countries, coordinate the implementation.

  • Leading pharmaceutical industry player

    Study on the impact of new merchandising in pharmacies, defining the study methodology (mix between quanti, quali and online), drafting 3 different questionnaires: customers, pharmacist and animation script, analyzing and summarizing the results and defining recommended actions.

  • Leading player in the private media sector

    Diagnosis and recommendations on improving the handling of complaints in customer centers, diagnosis of the existing practices for the handling of customer complaints (multi channel, front and back office), identifying the major axes of improvement in order to optimize the management of the complaints (organization, processes, coordination, etc.), identifying the first actionable drivers to implement.

  • Major services group

    Study into practices and sales performance in mobile telephony at the points of sale, benchmark on 4 networks and the post offices, qualitative and quantitative study conducted with customers exiting from the point of sale as well as a mystery customer study, analysis and recommendations.