Communication functions have evolved from being "informative" functions towards having an "executive board" posture

Today, the Communication Department has less to do with an "information reception / dissemination" process. It occupies more of a strategic, cross-cutting role within the organization, supporting the enterprise's transformations. With the combined impact of digitalization and the deluge of data, the entire Communication function is turned upside down. Henceforth, communication, be it internal or external, and media planning are evolving to meet new challenges and requirements for real-time responsiveness : the preponderance of online, crisis management, falling advertising revenues and budgets, the use of neuroscience…

Keyrus assists Communication departments and services with transforming themselves as a function by addressing four major issues :

  • Undertaking external and internal Communication in the age of Digital and Big Data
  • Constructing and developing brand platforms - Brand Equity
  • Optimizing omnimedia and omnichannel plans
  • Improving advertising effectiveness and impact : post-tests & measures - Return On Advertising and Marketing Investments

Communication in the age of Digital and of Big Data

Internal communication : formulate recommendations on strategies and methodologies for managing internal communication by using data analysis, the Web, Enterprise Social Networks (ESN), and the organization's "mobile apps".

  • Analyze internal data
  • Put in place a strategy for Social and Mobile Communication  
  • Draft methodology recommendations

External communication : define the strategy and plan of execution for "Data and Digital"-oriented external communication. Recommend tools and associated Roadmaps.

  • Provide advice on external communication
  • Produce a "Data and Digital"-oriented communication plan
  • Draft recommendations on tools, the Roadmap, and implementation

Construction and development of brand platforms (Brand Equity)

Brand platforms : construct and/or develop the enterprise's digital brand platform. Build a "brand Capital" strategy across all digital channels to create and sustain its "Brand Equity" : enduring content, engagement and loyalty.

  • Define and develop brand platforms
  • Apply "Brand Capital" Monitoring
  • Define a sustainable strategy for "Brand Storytelling" 

Innovations & Tools : advize on, and recommend and implement, innovative solutions to monitor "Digital Brand Equity" in real time. Organize workshops and tailored training programs to support the implementation of a general and local "Brand Equity" plan.

  • Set the brand Strategy and Digital benchmark
  • Deploy workshops on the general and local approach to the brand
  • Implement and manage change

Optimization of the omnimedia plan (Return On Advertising Investments)

Define a strategy based on the direct and indirect return on investment from the omnimedia plan : define KPIs, put in place reportings / dashboards to manage all advertising expenditure and revenues.

  • Define the omnimedia strategy
  • Put in place Advertising KPIs and Balanced Scorecards
  • Perform real-time Reporting
  • Deliver recommendations for the omnimedia plan
  • Execute the omnimedia action plan
  • Analyze and implement corrective actions

Advertising Effectiveness and Impact (post-tests and measures)

Keyrus, which is a strategic partner of Millward Brown, carries out advertising post-tests for brands undertaking advertising and advertising agencies, using the computer-assisted web interviewing (CAWI) model. 

In this way, it is possible to analyze the effectiveness and impact of advertising on customers and prospects in terms of their declared awareness, approval, attachment, engagement, and degree of persuasion. 

  • Define post-test protocols
  • Continually steer and monitor campaign performance
  • Generate Reporting & dashboards

Neuroscience post-tests ("Facial Coding")

Emotions direct our attention and shape our decisions, right through to the choice of a brand. To allow you to identify and decrypt these processes in detail, Keyrus uses neuroscience to interpret the face's primary emotions effectively ("Facial Coding").

  • Advise and assist the consumer in neuroscience
  • Train and undertake workshops on consumer neuroscience
  • Implement the Facial coding method through the Affectiva (Millward Brown) solution


  • American car manufacturer

    Reorganization of the Marketing and communications department, definition of the organizational structure, review of necessary skills linked to the evolution of business functions towards digital channels, establishment of the coordination processes and routines to apply internally and with partner agencies.

  • Leading player in the private media sector

    Communication campaigns on the social networks in order to increase the number of fans of the brand on its local markets (e-marketing, e-mailing, competitions on the social network).