Ethics and Compliance

As an international player in consulting and information technologies, and a specialist in Data Intelligence and Digital, our vision of the future is one of a world of innovations and transformations. These are long-term sources of both economic and social performance and sustainable development. How successful we are in our mission to assist companies with their transformation issues depends, more than ever before, on how effectively we put into daily practice both our ethics charter, and the codes of conduct that all our Group’s employees share.

Having sought to be as transparent and exemplary as possible in the pursuit of our business activities, we chose, as early as 2011, to adhere to the United Nations Global Compact. In so doing, we committed ourselves to respecting and applying all the Compact’s principles. Those principles relate both to companies’ societal and social responsibility, and their conduct and actions in the face of environmental problems.

Alongside our strong fundamentals and essential values – Goodwill, Trust, Creativity, Excellence, and Integrity – those principles guide us daily in our course of conduct towards our employees, clients, shareholders, suppliers, and any other legal entities and private individuals that work with our Group.

It is in this spirit of respect, fairness, and progress that the Keyrus Group has built and grown its reputation over the last 22 years. Seeking always to achieve excellence and transparency, we continue, year after year, to develop and forge long-lasting, quality relationships with all our company’s stakeholders, sharing information in accordance with strict confidentiality rules.

It is incumbent upon all, throughout our Group, to defend all these principles that we work hard to uphold. I am counting on each one of you to apply them and ensure they are followed in your work, so that we may continue to set an example developing our brand and strengthening our common values.

Eric Cohen

Founder & President-CEO