Enterprises are facing a number of changes to their ecosystem

These changes are accelerated by the growing importance of Digital and associated technologies. They are causing the appearance of new modes of consumption, an extension of the competitive field, and the emergence of new economic models.

As a result, traditional organizational patterns are undermined. Consequently, the enterprise's business functions must transform themselves. From now on, they must combine immediate responsiveness with operational performance and strategic forecasting.

In this context, the enterprise's Executive Management must, with support from the Strategy Department, carry forward the vision and ambitions associated with these transformations, It must also ensure that initiatives undertaken between different departments are cross-cutting, and must mobilize the management as a driver of the transformation. Its goal is to address the following three issues :

  • Anticipate the development of their ecosystem : emergence of new competitors and Business Models, positioning of the offering, and manner and method of interaction with the market
  • Manage the transformation of organizations in keeping with the enterprise's values and culture
  • Improve operational performance to ensure that the enterprise achieves the necessary level of competitiveness, as well as the quality of customer relationship expected by its customers
  • The Keyrus Group stands at the crossroads of challenges posed by enterprise transformation and those associated with the integration of new technologies. Keyrus makes all its know-how and experience available to Executive and Strategic Management to assist them in designing and implementing their transformation strategy. 

Market Intelligence

The growth in the volume and number of sources of information and data allows enterprises to enrich their knowledge of their environment. However, it also makes it more complicated to select relevant sources for identifying weak signals from the market, and likewise consumption trends. With such growth, it also proves more difficult to detect future "nuggets" of information to take on board and to monitor the enterprise's (e)-reputation and measure its appeal….

In this context, Keyrus assists its clients in identifying and interpreting the information allowing them to understand developments in their ecosystem and the impact on their activities.

  • Undertake market studies
  • Put in place strategic monitoring tools
  • Model market developments

Strategic plan

To address the changes in its ecosystem, which are partly due to digital services becoming more widespread, the enterprise must, from now on, constantly adapt its positioning and products and services portfolio. To this end, it is developing agile offerings, open to new partners, and is using appropriate economic models.

  • Identify the right growth drivers and their positioning strategy (customers and ecosystems)
  • Adapt their strategic segmentation
  • Draw up the strategic plan and implementation trajectory

Master Plans

Implementing the enterprise's strategy involves creating new activities or developing existing business lines. This reality leads to organizations being restructured, and even to mergers or acquisitions occurring. As a consequence of this, master plans have to be prepared, laying out the strategic plan in detailed operational terms. 

  • Validate the target, based on the vision proposed by Executive Management and the needs expressed by departments, and analyze the variance in relation to the existing situation
  • Draw up the master plan and means strategy (tools, skills)
  • Define the governance and the implementation trajectory

Performance Management

To manage performance effectively, it proves essential to ensure that in terms of operational actions the strategy is effectively deployed, and that objectives set are achieved.

  • Deploy a cross-cutting, shared vision of the enterprise's strategy and performance, associated with a management model aligned with the organization and Business Model put in place
  • Create a sense of responsibility among the different stakeholders with regard to objectives set
  • Define, for each individual, activities and resources to be implemented in order to achieve the objectives set
  • Instill a steering culture within the enterprise

Digital Transformation

The Digital Transformation is challenging the limits and traditional reference points of organizations. It is pushing the business functions, Marketing, Digital, IS to work together more, under the leadership of Executive Management, so as to create value and enable the enterprise to stand out. 

  • Integrate their Digital ecosystem : market positioning and structuring of the organization
  • Develop Digital tools to improve the performance of the enterprise's functions
  • Bring about change in the culture and management
  • Valorize the enterprise's "Data asset base" 


  • Bradesco

    Definition and implementation of dashboards using QlikView intended for the management of the credit products of banking establishments. Making available a mobile information access solution for executive management.

  • International car manufacturer

    Creation of a custom performance solution, using QlikView technology and 'BI on Demand', for managing enterprise services, deployed to 12 countries. This solution now allows the Renault Group to standardize its cost/quality indicators.

  • Leader in Energy

    Strategic framework associated with Product Lifecycle Management : Conducting of seminars dedicated to strategic analysis and positioning, market studies, analysis of competitor positioning, weighing up of Building Information Management markets and players, business Case and decision dossier for Senior Management.

  • Major retail group

    Re-design of the organizational model by the centralization of support functions, in particular for marketing activities, Steering of the project, coordinating and contributing to the production of organizational and IS targets, business case and change management in the countries concerned.

  • Nobel Biocare

    Assisting Senior Management with the enterprise's transformation program regarding customers : 360° diagnosis, mobilizing the executive committee, defining strategic focuses and the trajectory.