Product life cycles are accelerating, and the "consumer-customer" is seizing greater power, placing new demands on the enterprise to act with immediacy and be responsive. These demands are fundamentally altering the profession of marketing director.

Increasingly, the consumer is becoming a player in product / service strategy.

Alongside this, customer channels and journeys are increasing in number. It is becoming critical for the Marketing function to master information and digital channels, and even Big Data in the future.

These transformations are affecting links between commerce, sales, and customer service – all of which are "information sources" - and marketing, in that these links are strengthening around the topic of customer insight.

In this context, marketing departments are confronted with new strategic and operational challenges :

  • From traditional Marketing to Intelligence Marketing : what can we expect from Big Data ?
  • From Open Innovation to retention strategies : how is Digital to be integrated into the product life cycle ? What services should be proposed throughout the customer journey ?
  • Changes in staff profiles, real time, ROI : how is the transformation of a Marketing department to be achieved ?

In order to help its clients' Marketing departments transform themselves, the Keyrus Group makes available to those clients all its areas of know-how and business function and technological experience : Supply-side Marketing and Customer Marketing, multi-channel relationship management and Data utilization. 

Supply Side Marketing

The enterprise's ecosystem is changing, partly due to digital services becoming more widespread. The enterprise must address these changes. Consequently, from now on, it must continually adapt its positioning and portfolio of products and services. To help it to do so, Keyrus develops agile offerings which embrace new partners and rely on appropriate Business Models.

  • Undertake market studies enabling new growth areas and drivers to be identified
  • Define and put in place strategies for repositioning and launching offerings
  • Draw up the strategic plan, Business Case and deployment trajectory

Product & Service Innovation 

Predictive analytics tools – Big Data - which aim to personalize the customer offering and journey – the real-time marketing approach – offer new possibilities to enterprises. They can help them to introduce innovative offerings and services. To do this, enterprises rely on Enhanced Customer Insight solutions - Social Media Intelligence.

  • Put in place a process for managing innovation, from design to market launch, by using collaborative approaches and relying on the partner ecosystem.
  • Identify services to personalize the customer experience throughout the relational cycle : purchasing journey, customer zones, selfcare, and assistance. Measure effectiveness via "test and learn" approaches (e.g. : A/B testing).

Digital Customer Experience

The number of interaction channels is increasing, and the importance of digital is growing. These changes not only serve the objectives of conquering and retaining customers, but they also enrich the customer experience throughout the relationship cycle. Keyrus assists its clients in defining and implementing their Digital Strategy :

  • Draw up the multichannel selling strategy, and redefine associated customer journeys
  • Put in place omnichannel commercial solutions : e- and m- commerce, PCM, Digital in Store…
  • Design and deploy customer and Marketing solutions - SFA 2.0 and Customer Service 2.0 – and relational programs - Social CRM, Digital Marketing Automation / management of multichannel campaigns.

Data Valorization and Performance Measurement 

When enterprises now have tailored solutions for analyzing and utilizing multi-structured mass data - Big Data, Data Science –, they can valorize their "Data asset base" of market and customer information. Keyrus helps its clients to :

  • Implement their Smart and Big Data approach: use cases and selection of relevant data, Proof of Concept, and deployment
  • Define economic models for valorizing internal data with a view to putting them on the market.
  • Create Smart & Mobile Dashboarding tools to analyze the ROI of Marketing campaigns and the performance of the Digital Mix : generation of leads, conversion funnels…

Digital Transformation of the marketing function

The use of digital channels is becoming widespread at all stages of Marketing and customer relations processes. This is fundamentally altering the know-how and working methods of Marketing teams. Keyrus helps its clients to :

  • Put in place and utilize systems for monitoring the market and listening to customers.
  • Integrate skills linked to Data - Data Analyst / Scientist - and/or enabling the enterprise to interact with the ecosystem of digital partners – communities of developers, Marketing agency…
  • Define and lead collaborative arrangements between Marketing and commercial players, and put in place performance indicators for digital channels.
  • Evangelize the teams to facilitate their appropriation of digital tools


  • American car manufacturer

    Reorganization of the Marketing and communications department, definition of the organizational structure, review of necessary skills linked to the evolution of business functions towards digital channels, establishment of the coordination processes and routines to apply internally and with partner agencies.

  • Major services group

    Creation and implementation of two digital services platforms intended respectively for the professionals market and the small- and medium-sized enterprises market, definition of service spheres and the commercialization model and formalization of the business plan, establishment of the detailed portfolio of services and the products roadmap, assistance in choosing the components of the technical platform, putting in place of a pilot.

  • Telenet

    Support decision-making of marketing tactics. Historical and predictive analyses of customer behavior aiming at increasing the ROI and diminishing after-sales servicing costs.