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Keyrus helps Camaïeu to develop its digital activities in France and internationally through the redesign of its retail websites.

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Keyrus, an international player in the fields of Data Intelligence (Business Intelligence, Big Data Analytics), Digital, and Consulting on the Management and Transformation of enterprises, is assisting Camaïeu with the redesign of its retail websites, the first of which, for the Polish market, successfully went live on 24 September last.

Created in 1984, Camaïeu is the market leader in women's ready-to-wear clothing in France and has its own network of more than 1 000 stores (of which 650 in France) spread across 21 countries. To support its growth and bolster its deployment internationally, at the end of 2014 Camaïeu launched a project to redesign its retail websites. This project notably involved the introduction of the SAP hybris cross-channel e-Commerce platform. Keyrus was chosen as the partner integrator in order to provide technical and functional expertise to support Camaïeu's ambitions over the long term.

High expectations on functional and technical aspects

Having won awards on several occasions for its technological and creative advances in the field of e-Commerce, Camaïeu possesses sophisticated experience in online selling; the brand had tough requirements for this redesign project.

Camaïeu's approach to cross-channel had led to several innovative services being developed, giving rise to a multiplicity of management systems. "We needed to rationalize our IS and improve consistency in terms of urbanization, explains David Jiménez Cervera, Director of the Department of Studies at Camaïeu, whilst at the same time continuing to implement new services to meet the needs of our now multi-channel clientele."

The choice of a partner for the long term

At the time of the tendering process, Keyrus stood out not only thanks to its solid functional and technical skills with the SAP hybris software, but also by its tried-and-tested experience on e-Commerce projects similar to that of Camaïeu.

"We particularly appreciated the intelligent nature of Keyrus's response, which proposed a flexible and realistic schedule, and an agile project methodology which corresponded to our organization, explains Alison Muyard, Director of Cross-Channel Development at Camaïeu. Their offer showed that they had understood the challenges we were facing. "

To be sure of this, Camaïeu undertook a POC (Proof Of Concept) which confirmed the appropriateness of the solution and the ease with which it could be integrated with existing systems. "On that occasion we were able to work with the Keyrus consultants who were then going to be involved in undertaking the project, and see their professionalism and level of expertise for ourselves." adds Alison Muyard.

An effective and pragmatic collaboration

Camaïeu's experience allowed Keyrus to approach the project in a pragmatic manner: "We know that in e-Commerce, requirements are constantly changing, recalls David Jiménez Cervera. We were flexible when setting the project boundaries and Keyrus's agile methodology allowed their teams to quickly adapt to Camaïeu's needs."

The Keyrus consultants also helped Camaïeu to become familiar with the solution, the aim being to rapidly upskill the business teams. The implementation of this rich and long-term digital platform, which will support Camaïeu's growth in new markets, has thus given them greater autonomy and flexibility. "The success of this project is also down to the professionalism and responsiveness of the Camaïeu teams, which took decisions quickly and made the necessary trade-offs to keep on course, all in a genuine spirit of partnership." adds Michel Mariën, Director of Solutions, Digital Commerce, at Keyrus.

The first stage of a strategic project

After 6 months of work, the first retail website, intended for Poland, was able to go live, taking on board local specificities. This first stage of the project enabled Camaïeu to validate the technological choices and to implement tight integration with the back-office. It also allowed them to offer customers efficient cross-channel purchasing processes taking into account the delivery and payment methods specific to each market.

"We are going to pursue this collaboration with Keyrus to build on the advanced functionalities of our cross-channel platform, and in particular everything related to the Digital Store" concludes Ovide Perrier, Director, Information Systems and Organization at Camaïeu.

"We are pleased and proud to be able to assist Camaïeu with this strategic digital project which has allowed us to demonstrate once again the technical and functional expertise of our teams. We have forged a strategic partnership with Camaïeu, which is one of the keys to the success of this type of approach over the long term" explains Thierry Blatier, Director, Keyrus Digital France.

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