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Keyrus, 1st partner certified `Business Analyst hybris´ in France

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Keyrus, international player in consulting and in the integration of omnichannel commerce solutions, announces that it is the first partner of hybris software - an SAP Group business -  to obtain the new 'Business Analyst hybris' certification in France.

A top-ranking strategic partner of hybris (Multi regional Gold Partner), backed by 4 Skills Centers organized around the hybris solution in France, Brazil, China and Tunisia, Keyrus had already been the first hybris partner to have certified its consultants under the hybris OmniCommerceTM technology as early as 2012 in France and in its nearshore omnichannel skills center in Tunisia, then in its subsidiary in China in 2013.  


Keyrus is today developing its expertise around hybris's omnichannel platform by certifying its teams under the 'Business Analyst hybris' certification. This new certification endows the Keyrus Group's teams with advanced business skills associated with the hybris solution, in order to enable it to better assist its clients in defining, and implementing, sales solutions which are fully tailored to the specifics of their business sector.


hybris proposes an innovative, comprehensive, ready-to-use omnichannel commerce solution which enables distributors, manufacturers and, more generally, any ambitious commercial business to start up a real omnichannel initiative and thereby maximize its revenues quickly across all purchasing channels used : store, e-Commerce B2B/B2C, call center, paper catalog, mobile, etc.


A frequent winner of awards, and still recognized as the commerce platform with the strongest international growth, the hybris solution comes with all the useful omnichannel functionalities, with the possibility of making it highly personalized and adapted to client behavior. It offers a unique 'scalability' which facilitates the management of very large volumes.


In the management of any project, a good understanding of the client's needs is an essential factor in ensuring the swift and effective achievement of the objectives set. The role of the Business Analyst is important here for this understanding and for assisting the client with improving its performance and its profitability through tried-and-tested creativity and methodology and the use of the market's 'Best Practices'. The Business Analyst certification, coupled with the hybris OmniCommerceTM technology, thus constitutes the ultimate expertise which allows the client to secure optimal results from its project in an e-Commerce and omnichannel environment.


"This Business Analyst expertise enhances our value proposition around the hybris solution by giving us the unique ability to assist our clients with the business dimension of their project in addition to offering our technological mastery of the solution ", comments Michel Marien, Omnichannel Solutions Director at Keyrus. It also enables us today to build on our know-how and the 'best practices' of hybris to meet the new challenges of businesses in the face of the development of omnichannel."