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Keyrus assists Arkema in optimizing the management of its Business Intelligence Information Systems through its innovative network of " BI Service Centres "

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International player in consulting on the management of performance and of the integration of Business Intelligence (BI), Big Data and Analytics solutions, Keyrus announces that it has assisted Arkema - one of the world leaders in the chemical industry - in improving the management of its Business Intelligence Information Systems by reorganizing its support services and maintenance conducted on the client's site so as to transfer them to one of its BI Service Centers.

By shifting from a classic model of on-site support to a Service Center (SC) specialized in Business Intelligence, Arkema can today benefit from numerous advantages in order to better meet its challenges of optimizing costs and ensuring the rapid development of its Business Intelligence Information Systems :

Access to a broader range of technological expertise as well as to a greater number of experienced consultants operating within the SC

Improved management of service times giving better control over operating and maintenance costs

Sharing of optimized skills and their transfer to its internal teams

Personalized BI consulting assistance by the SC allowing improved monitoring of performance and of the development of its Information Systems


A BI Service Center for services with greater added value

A longstanding client of the Keyrus Group, Arkema has, since 2007, relied on Keyrus's tested expertise in Business Intelligence to ensure the maintenance and development of its Business Intelligence Information Systems, and also regularly gives it assignments for the provision of support on strategic projects to analyze and manage performance.

Faced with the challenges of the rapid development of its Business Intelligence platforms and of controlling its operating costs, Arkema wished to change the management method of the Keyrus teams operating on site to the Third-Party Application Maintenance mode. Keyrus then suggested migrating to one of its regional BI Service Centers. Having been transferred in under a year and in a gradual manner, from now on this team undertakes the management of Arkema's Business Intelligence Information Systems exclusively from Keyrus's externalized Service Center located in Lyons, in the vicinity of one of Arkema's sites.

" Keyrus's proposition, covering both the improvement of maintenance support and assistance in the field of BI consulting, showed itself to be particularly appropriate in recent years and entirely in line with the rapid development of our needs " declares Bertrand Creyx, Manager of Arkema's Skills Center. " This project for the reallocation of resources required a tested and controlled approach in which hastiness and chance could have no place. The Keyrus teams fully reassured us in this regard thanks to their progressive and safe methodology ".


Multi-technology Service Centers dedicated exclusively to Business Intelligence in France and internationally (Spain, Tunisia, Canada, Brazil, China)

For Keyrus, putting in place Service Centers dedicated to its clients is at the heart of a long-term strategy to reinforce the service quality delivered. By positioning itself as a player specialized in Business Intelligence, Big Data & Analytics, Keyrus is capable of meeting the most specific and demanding of client expectations in the field of mastering and valorizing data.

Moreover, each BI Service Center has experience of multiple BI projects of the greatest variety, either  already successfully completed or in progress, and this enables the SC consultants to share their knowledge and know-how with the client teams at any moment. The close nature of the collaboration between the Service Centers and the Keyrus Innovation Center, an incubator and tester of the latest BI solutions on the market, also contributes to this culture of interaction to understand and grasp these new solutions.

" The real added value of a Service Center is unquestionably the sharing of knowledge between consultants " confirms François Dilly, Manager of Keyrus's Service Center offering in France. " This model enables the enhancement both of their technological expertise and also their business skills. For a company like Arkema which operates in several business fields and with different technologies such as SAP BW, SAP Business Objects or QlikView, the benefits are immediate and perfectly measurable. "  


The adoption of a model which fulfills an objective of performance development

Arkema is today entirely satisfied with the organization and the processes newly established by Keyrus, which guarantee it a high level of service quality. The support from Keyrus allows the Arkema company to free up substantial amounts of time to re-focus on its business activities which bring it greater added value.

" The advantage for Arkema of having consultants available to it in a Service Center today turns out to be obvious : we enjoy greater visibility in terms of project monitoring, with better control over budgets for corrective maintenance and for the development of our Business Intelligence tools. We have also noted an improvement in the responsiveness and effectiveness of the Keyrus consultants who can act very swiftly and on broader subjects, thus enabling us to improve our own operational performance ", concludes Bertrand Creyx.

With around twenty externalization projects of this kind to its credit in France, Keyrus today possesses the full methodology and know-how to enable its clients to benefit both from the advantages of a Service Center and from its broad scope of expertise in the field of Business Intelligence.