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Keyrus is entering into a worldwide partnership with Tableau Software, a leader in Self-Service Business Analytics

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Keyrus is constantly striving to identify solutions to respond to emerging trends in the fields of Business Intelligence, Analytics and Big Data. Drawing on its renowned data analytics solutions, Keyrus has decided to enter into a partnership at the international level with Tableau Software .


"Keyrus' expertise and knowledge in markets such as Europe, Latin America, South Africa and North America will make them an important partner to our growing business", says Lynn Smith, Vice President, Strategic Sales at Tableau Software.


Tableau Desktop is based on breakthrough technology that lets users drag & drop to analyze data. Users can connect to data in a few clicks, then visualize and create interactive dashboards with a few more. Tableau supports people's natural ability to think visually without getting stuck in wizards or bogged down writing scripts. It's so easy to use that any Excel user can learn it.


''Whereas other tools require scripting, the creation of predetermined data models or training over several days before they can be used, Tableau allows all types of data to be viewed almost immediately and their value to be highlighted in a simple way'', comments Olivier Breton, Manager of Keyrus' Business Intelligence Innovation Centre.


Tableau gives you access to a large range of data without the need for any programming (files, relational databases, cubes, appliances, web data, open data etc.) and allows you to merge them in a few minutes. Tableau Software can import data to its high performance data engine for extremely fast analysis, even at high volumes. Otherwise, you can also connect Tableau Software to your data sources and analyse data directly.


Once the user has created their analyses and dashboards, they can share them online or via a mobile device by publishing them on Tableau Server.  They can also share them in a Microsoft Sharepoint portal or send a link by email. Thanks to Tableau Public, they can even publish public data to the web for free. When shared within the company and beyond, the dashboards are genuinely interactive comprehensive applications allowing users to explore data in a rich and detailed way. The flexibility of Tableau Software allows you to create an application offering tab browsing with a wide range of filtering options, zoom-ins and further data search.


''Whatever their job or industry, whether management controllers, financial analysts, marketing analysts, product managers, anyone needing to quickly and autonomously analyse a range of data is a potential user of Tableau Software'', concludes Olivier Breton.


Being an expert in Data Visualization projects and the Tableau Software solution, Keyrus supports its clients through all implementation stages using its proven Agile support method. The objective is first and foremost to give the company complete autonomy when using the tool, analysing data and creating dashboards, through comprehensive and effective transfer of skills.