Press Release

Squirro at Brookson

  • #Data Intelligence

Brookson is one of the UK’s leading professional services firms for self-employed professionals. Its clients consist mainly of long term, high-value customers. Customer retention levels are high due to the exceptional quality of service they receive. Due to the nature of tax advisory services, Brookson experiences a high level of customer engagement. The Customer Services department deals with 30,000 emails a week. As a result of this, Brookson was looking for immediate and  actionable insight which would enable them to visualise customer interaction in a way they have been  unable to with traditional CRM tools. The main objective was to increase the quality of service its customers receive in order to drive the customer experience even further.

Using Squirro, Keyrus helped Brookson to connect all customer e-mails and CRM systems together, mined its content and applied advanced analytics to produce a new self-service solution. With  Squirro they were  able to rapidly identify broken processes, investigate the impact of bulk communications with their customers and drastically reduce the effort required to drill into a single customer journey. The implemented solution was the result of applying the following:

  • Adding logic to track trends related to invoicing, complaints etc.
  • Analysing  data from different perspectives such as refined customer segmentation, interaction type and staff member response effectiveness
  • Reviewing staff performance, consistency and quality of responses
  • Evaluating  activity associated with each department i.e. Front, Middle and Back Office 
  • Assessing each department customer communications impact on customer experience
  • Reviewing trends and developing communication strategies to proactively anticipate  traffic peaks


Benefits realised:

  • A better view of all customer communication
  • An enhanced single customer view
  • Operational Insight for Service and Sales teams
  • Context intelligence
  • Time reduction in ticket resolution
  • Increased customer satisfaction


In addition to gaining a high level overview of their emails, Squirro’s ability to combine structured and unstructured information from multiple sources lets Brookson identify trends in the content of their customers emails, cut by various structured fields, such as tenure length or customer type. Today Brookson is able to actively identify trends in data enabling  the Information Management department to move away from investing large amounts of time in producing complex, static reports and instead focus on what is driving the trends in their data and what they can do to communicate more effectively, reduce  the workload of the customer services department and improve the customer experience.