Press Release

The Keyrus Innovation Factory accelerator presents its latest class of start-ups: Dov-E, Intervyo, Bontact, and Toucan Toco

    With this new class, the Keyrus Group's start-up accelerator is honoring Artificial Intelligence, ultrasonic communication, the multichannel experience, and Agile Data Viz.

    Keyrus Innovation Factory (KIF)
    , the Keyrus Group's start-up accelerator, is pleased to present its 2nd selection of start-ups that it will assist for a period of 6 months. This new class comprises: Dov-E, Intervyo, Bontact, and Toucan Toco. During the coming months, these start-ups will be able to take advantage of the KIF program so as to perfect their solutions, enrich their offerings, and, above all, win over new customers through the Keyrus Group's network.

    Here is a presentation of each of the start-ups selected:

    - Dov-E is disrupting the world of payment methods and customer engagement techniques by using innovative, proprietary technology that supports data transmission on any type of audio network with the use of ultrasound.
    For more information: Dov-e.com

    - Intervyo is an interview simulation system using Artificial Intelligence capable of analyzing a candidate's profile based on semantics, their behavior, intonations, and personality.
    For more information: Intervyo.com

    - Bontact is revolutionizing interaction between enterprises and their prospects by transforming customer assistance through a conversion tool and a multichannel communication platform that is unique in the market.
    For more information: Bontact.com

    - Toucan Toco makes it possible to democratize information access for the greatest number of people through Data Storytelling presented in the form of agile analytical Small Apps that are easy to use and designed for mobility.
    For more information: Toucantoco.com

    "We are very proud to announce today this new class, made up of great little innovative treasures that are already "disrupting" their markets. Each of them has, in its own way, impressed us and won us over: Intervyo's Artificial Intelligence serving the needs of HR departments, Dov-E's mobile communication using ultrasound, Bontact's reinvented multichannel experience, and the agility of Toucan Toco's Data Viz" declares Cyril Cohen-Solal, Director of Keyrus Innovation Factory. He goes on: "The thing that motivated us in our choices, and on which our accelerator is focused, is the disruptive innovation demonstrated by these start-ups, and the added value they will be able to provide to companies, and notably the Keyrus Group's clients. We are currently right at the start of our support phase and are full of confidence and impatient to move forward with each of the start-ups to push them along and, of course…all enjoy the KIF adventure together!"

    By way of a reminder, Keyrus Innovation Factory offers a 6-month program during which organized roadshows will give the start-ups the opportunity to meet major groups and propose their offerings to them. During this period, KIF helps the start-ups adapt their solutions and build their go-to-market strategy. The KIF teams are then present throughout the technological and business processes, from the pilot stage through to the successful implementation of the solutions in enterprises.


    Present in France and Israel, Keyrus Innovation Factory (KIF) is the start-up accelerator of the Keyrus Group, an international company specialized in expertise in Data and Digital.
    KIF assists:
    > Major enterprises in their search for innovative technologies and implementation of new solutions.
    > Start-ups, through a 6-month program of coaching and networking during which they have the opportunity to propose their offerings to major groups.

    KIF also acts as a seed fund by making highly selective investments in start-ups that will enrich the Keyrus Group's portfolio of innovative solutions.
    Further information at: keyrus-kif.com