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Mister Auto selects Keyrus, Talend, and Amazon Web Services to power real-time business insight

    Keyrus, an international player in the fields of Data Intelligence, Digital, and Consulting on the Management and Transformation of enterprises, and Talend (NASDAQ:TLND), a global leader in Cloud and Big Data integration software, announce that Mister Auto, a top European online auto parts and accessories distributor, is using Talend Data Integration and Amazon Redshift to create and manage an analytics platform for a real-time view of its business. Keyrus, a Diamond partner in Talend's Value-Added Reseller (VAR) Program, piloted the deployment and guided the project's implementation and configuration.

    “By offering 400,000 references from 600 suppliers and registering 5,000 to 6,000 orders per day, Mister Auto became aware of the analytic potential of the increasing volumes of data generated by its activities,” said Yoann Boulch, BI Analyst at Mister Auto. “To manage the data flow and feed our analytics platform we chose Talend because of its Big Data expertise and because it is based on Open Source technology, which is also at the heart of our information system. We started with the Open Source version of Talend Integration and then migrated to the Enterprise version to industrialize our developments.”

    At Mister Auto, Talend manages a large volume of data from multiple sources, including data from the logistics and auto part businesses. Talend Data Integration helps feed the core of the data hub in the Cloud on Amazon Redshift – from analytical tools to many partner solutions (CRM, Datamining, forecasting, replenishment, etc.).

    “A growing number of customers including Mister Auto are leveraging Amazon Redshift to cost-effectively analyze their data,” said Ken Chestnut, Global Segment Lead, Amazon Web Services. “We look forward to working with Talend to enable more customers to migrate their data to Amazon Web Services.”

    The analytics platform enables all of Mister Auto's business departments to have access to the data and take control of their activities in real-time: sales indicators, analyses of purchase price and margin, logistics management, product availability and replenishment, as well as marketing offers. With its analytics platform, Mister Auto plans to develop new data marts to increase its understanding of its customers.

    "Talend's solutions give enterprises the opportunity to create a truly data-driven culture within their organization. Enterprises can thereby accelerate their decision-making process, develop competitive advantages, and create new sources of revenue", declared Vincent Hochart, Sales Director, General Business, at Keyrus. "After the success achieved with Mister Auto and many other projects over the past few years, we are naturally keen to strengthen our collaboration with Talend to assist our clients with their transitions towards a more data-oriented approach."

    “Today e-Commerce sites face a complex range of challenges whether in the management of their many references, logistics or in creating more effective marketing offerings. This requires the adept handling of data,” noted François Mero, Senior Vice President, Sales, EMEA at Talend. “With Talend's solutions, we are eliminating these constraints by turning data into strategic assets for an organization’s development and growth.”

    For more information on Talend's portfolio of solutions, including Talend Data Integration, visit www.talend.com or the Talend blog.

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