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Keyrus, the first partner to be certified SAP ONE Service on the Hybris omnichannel commerce solution in China

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Keyrus, which is a strategic partner of SAP Hybris and has one of the greatest number of Hybris solutions implemented worldwide, is today the first company to obtain SAP ONE certification in China.

Keyrus, an international player in the fields of Data Intelligence, Digital, and Consulting on the Management and Transformation of enterprises, is the first partner of Hybris Software, a SAP Group solution, to obtain the 'SAP ONE Service' certification in China on the editor's omnichannel e-Commerce platform.


The Chinese market is one of the most advanced in the world for e-Commerce and constitutes an important growth driver for numerous major international and local groups. Keyrus is a strategic partner of SAP Hybris at international level. For several years now, Keyrus has demonstrated both a high level of expertise and tried-and-tested know-how in implementing the SAP Hybris solution, so as to help its clients develop an effective omnichannel strategy and thereby boost their online sales. Keyrus can thus boast nearly 50 omnichannel projects deployed around the world, amongst which one can mention: Cache-Cache, Auchan, TheLuxer, and Wangfujing in China, but also Galeries Lafayette, Carrefour Brasil, Virgin Megastore,…

The Hybris solution is flexible, powerful, and capable of supporting very large volumes of traffic. Moreover, it comes with all the useful omnichannel functionalities, including the possibility of making it highly personalized and tailored to the client's behavior. It offers unique 'scalability' that facilitates the management of large volumes of data.

Whether it be in B2C or B2B, the management of the product catalog, customer services, content management, or the allocation of orders to warehouses or stores, SAP Hybris provides an unrivalled e-Commerce experience. This has allowed it to be universally recognized as a leading reference in terms of e-Commerce platforms and O2O (online to offline, offline to online).


With its teams having now obtained the ‘SAP ONE Service’ certification, Keyrus confirms its first-rate expertise on the Hybris omnichannel platform. This label recognizes the Keyrus teams' advanced technical and business skills associated with the Hybris solution. In so doing, it aims to make them as effective as possible at helping Keyrus's clients define and implement sales solutions entirely suited to their various business sectors.


By obtaining the SAP ONE Service certification, Keyrus has now reached the highest level of skills recognized by SAP in the Hybris platform. Through this achievement, Keyrus demonstrates its capacity to undertake for its clients projects which strictly comply with the methodology and quality requirements and standards set down by SAP (Build SAP Like a Factory, Run SAP Like a Factory, Integration Validation, and Value Chain Optimization & SAP Solution Manager).


"I would like to congratulate Keyrus China on becoming the first certified partner in SAP ONE Service for SAP Hybris solution implementation in China. Following SAP ONE Service standards, the Keyrus China team has demonstrated an excellent quality of delivery, strong customer focus, and professionalism throughout. We look forward to continued collaboration on our joint implementation projects, and an ongoing successful partnership", comments Paul Armstrong, Global Partner Management, Digital Business Services at SAP.


"By granting this certification, SAP recognizes that we have the right organization, qualified teams, suitable processes and a commitment to providing the best quality service, as well as know-how and expertise in SAP's Hybris platform", comments Thomas Alix, Deputy General Manager, e-Commerce & Digital at Keyrus APAC.


"Through this SAP ONE Service certification, SAP underscores its strategic partnership with Keyrus and our teams' ability to deliver project solutions meeting all stakeholders' requirements. Our strategy is to maintain this insistence on quality and responsiveness, whilst at the same time continuing to broaden our portfolio of services to embrace all the challenges associated with digital transformation", adds Stephan Samouilhan, VP Digital at the Keyrus Group.