Press Release

Keyrus Digital helps Camaïeu develop its digital activities through the revamping of its French retail website

    Keyrus announces the successful go-live of Camaïeu's new French e-Commerce site, part of a strategic project to revamp the group's websites.


    Created in 1984, Camaïeu is a leading brand in women's ready-to-wear clothing internationally and has its own network of more than 1,000 stores (of which 650 in France) established in 21 countries. It is a recognized player in online retailing, having on several occasions won awards for its technological and creative advances in the field of e-Commerce, and it chose Keyrus to work on its project to revamp its retail websites. The project is intended to help Camaïeu grow its business and bolster its international expansion. Following the launch of the Polish site at the end of 2015, Camaïeu has successfully revamped its French site by drawing upon Keyrus's Digital Commerce experience, as well as its technical and functional expertise in the SAP Hybris platform.

    An agile project approach, in step with the internal organization

    Given Camaïeu's experience in e-Commerce and the complexity of its information system, both high expectations and major constraints surrounded this project. The company had notably developed a number of innovative cross-channel services, and these needed to be reproduced in the new site and incorporated within the back office. Camaïeu also wanted to rationalize its IS and improve its consistency in terms of urbanization.

    When it invited tender proposals, Camaïeu appreciated the intelligent nature of Keyrus's response, which proposed a flexible and realistic schedule and an agile project methodology in keeping with the organization in place at Camaïeu. This pragmatic approach was in tune with the vision of David Jiménez Cervera, Director of the Department of Studies at Camaïeu: "We know that in e-Commerce, requirements are constantly changing. We were flexible when setting the project boundaries, and Keyrus's agile methodology allowed its teams to quickly adapt to Camaïeu's needs."

    Solid technological foundations

    The initial project to revamp the Polish website, which Keyrus completed in 6 months, enabled Camaïeu to validate the technological choices made and implement tight integration with the back office. "The multiplicity of our cross-channel services and delivery and payment methods – web-to-store, store-to-web reservation, locker delivery… - generates numerous flows of information with the different bricks of our back office, for which we chose ‘best-of-breed’" explains David Jiménez Cervera.  In addition, much work was done on the product repository, so as to have a single repository which could then be personalized for each country.

    A core model to accelerate future deployment

    After the launch of the Polish retail site, which has already been put in place by the Keyrus teams, Camaïeu is tackling the revamping of the French site and has decided to take this opportunity to build a core model. The aim is to incorporate into it as many features as possible, so as to maintain an excellent customer experience and prepare for the implementation of new services. The SAP Hybris platform also makes it possible to meet Camaïeu's expectations in terms of e-Merchandising: "We put some ten new products in the catalog each week" explains Alison Muyard, Director of Cross-Channel Development at Camaïeu. "On a site like ours, the search, navigation, and highlighting functionalities are therefore key in terms of optimizing the conversion rate."

    A solid base to support Camaïeu's strategy

    Thanks to the work undertaken with Keyrus on the Polish website, the French website project is proceeding, with its complexity, costs, and deadlines being managed effectively. Launched last September, the French site met the challenge of swiftly filling the gap naturally caused by the launch of a new site. "Today, all indicators are positive, with increases notably in traffic and the conversion rate", observes David Jiménez Cervera.

    Going forward, Camaïeu is studying the extension of the site's functional scope with Keyrus, so as to build a joint roadmap incorporating more and more services.

    "Keyrus's assistance enabled us to successfully carry out our two strategic e-Commerce projects. We appreciated the stability of the teams, their expertise in e-Commerce, and their comprehensive understanding of the SAP Hybris platform" concludes Ovide Perrier, Director of Information Systems and Organization at Camaïeu. "Today, we have the means to deploy new cross-channel services for our clientele, both in France and internationally, and pursue our development by integrating new digital channels and business models."

    "With the successful launch of this new version of the French site, the strategic partnership we have forged with Camaïeu is bearing fruit. We are pleased to demonstrate once again the technical and functional expertise of our teams, which enables us to assist Camaïeu with this strategic digital project over the long term" declares Julien Bidet, Business Development Director at Keyrus Digital.