Eligibility for the Equity Savings Plan – Smalland Medium-Sized Businesses ("PEA-PME")

    The KEYRUS S.A. company wishes to draw the attention of investors to its eligibility for the Equity Savings Plan - Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses scheme in accordance with the provisions of article 70 of law n° 2013-1278 of 29 December 2013 and with those of the application decree n° 2014-283 of 4 March 2014.

    Keyrus announces that it meets all of the eligibility criteria for the Equity Savings Plan - Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses specified by the application decree n° 2014-283 dated 4 March 2014.

    By way of a reminder, this new scheme allows private individuals to invest up to 75,000 euros in eligible companies whilst at the same time benefiting, subject to certain conditions, from the favourable tax treatment of the classic Equity Savings Plan.

    The businesses eligible for the scheme must principally meet the following criteria:
    · Employ fewer than 5,000 employees
    · Have annual revenues below 1,500 million euros or have a balance sheet total below 2,000 million euros

    These thresholds are assessed at the date of acquisition of the stocks or for funds, at the date on which it undertakes its investments.

    On the basis of the data relating to the last accounting period made public today, the shares in Keyrus S.A. (ISIN FR 0004029411) are eligible for the Equity Savings Plan - Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses scheme.

    Keyrus S.A. welcomes its future shareholders !