Are you ready for GDPR? The Technology Behind The Regulation

    Keyrus and IBM invite you to an informative breakfast briefing taking place at The Shard Shangri-La Hotel on 28th September in which we will be discussing the incoming EU GDPR Regulation and how to best prepare.

    In one year (May 2018), all companies handling personal data will be expected to comply with a new set of privacy requirements under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Non-compliant businesses can be threatened with a fine of up to 20 million Euros or 4% of total annual sales. With the added dimension of Brexit for UK, organizations that process personal data about people in the EU will face potential further complications.

    Following on from our May breakfast briefing discussing GDPR, what it is, how you are impacted and how to best prepare this event moves on to focus on the technology required to be complaint.

    Breakfast Agenda

    Recap- What is GDPR and the scale of change involved?

    Understand with real-world delivery examples the importance of Data Governance, Master Data Management & Data Security in relation to GDPR preparedness

    How IBM tools are helping to achieve GDPR compliance readiness -

    Data Governance & Master Data Management – discover and classify your sensitive data.

    - Identifying risks within your structured data

    - Identifying risks within your unstructured data

    Data Security

    - Protecting your data through encryption, masking, redaction, dynamic blocking and alerting



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