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Keyrus launches its corporate Foundation and places Innovation at the heart of its solidarity actions

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Keyrus today announces the launch of its corporate Foundation to promote Solidarity through Innovation.

The Keyrus Foundation came about on the initiative of the President of Keyrus, Eric Cohen, and out of the Group's wish to go beyond mere economic performance and develop a social responsibility policy, undertaking more sponsorship actions and getting as many of its employees as possible involved.

This launch reinforces the support and partnership initiatives in which the Keyrus Group has been actively engaging with some twenty organizations and associations ever since its beginnings in 1996.  

Through this Foundation, Keyrus aspires, in particular, to defend equal opportunities and valorize human and cultural diversity through supporting innovative solidarity projects by associations.

"The creation of the Keyrus corporate Foundation marks a key milestone for our Group and its employees. It represents another step in our CSR policy that promotes a world with a greater sense of solidarity and which, already in 2011, led us to join the UN Global Compact to strengthen our commitments to society", declares Eric Cohen, President and CEO of Keyrus, and President of the Keyrus Foundation. "Through this Foundation, I wish to develop the human values of diversity, mutual assistance, and sharing that our Group holds dear, and I am proud to observe the extent of our employees' generous and civic commitment right from our Foundation's first year of existence."

Governed by French Law, the Keyrus Foundation's activities are initially national in scope, but could extend internationally in the future to cover the fifteen or so countries in which the Group has operations.

The Keyrus Foundation's missions both draw and build upon the Group's know-how and expertise of more than 20 years in the most innovative fields of Digital and Data. 

These missions are organized around 3 major themes – Entrepreneurship Sciences & Education Art & Culture, linking each of these to the growing development of "all-digital" in our society, and the need to constantly seek out new innovation.

  • So, encouraging Entrepreneurship means, first and foremost, fostering a spirit of enterprise in young people and promoting social mixing. It involves developing business creation skills and spreading an entrepreneurial culture, both major vectors of future integration into working life;
  • Stimulating innovation through the Sciences and Education means encouraging new teaching models and digital initiatives to promote scientific vocations and impart a taste for innovation from a very young age;
  • Valorizing Art and Culture to awaken and unleash new talent means placing art at the heart of each individual's personal enrichment by democratizing culture, and by favouring innovative forms of learning linking Art and its development to the Digital era.

The Keyrus Foundation: a commitment by a Group in which every employee has the chance to work towards greater solidarity!

The Foundation began its activities at the start of 2017.  Its Board is comprised of 9 members who include employees of the Keyrus Group, personalities, scientists, and entrepreneurs. To date, there have already been more than 10 association programs and employee initiatives selected which are now enjoying active support from the Foundation and the Group's employee volunteers.

Further information at www.fondationkeyrus.org

Leslie Saadoun and Laetitia Adjadj: contact@fondationkeyrus.org    +33 (0)1 41 34 10 00