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Keyrus Management helps Maisons du Monde implement a planning platform with Anaplan

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Keyrus Management, the Keyrus Group's Consulting Firm on the management and transformation of enterprises, announces that it has been helping Maisons du Monde implement a planning platform with Anaplan.

A planning solution for steering business performance and supporting the Group's development

One of the objectives of Maisons du Monde's Finance Department is to support the Group's development. The aim is to secure the Group's strategy of profitable growth by using more reliable reporting and planning processes. "For Maisons du Monde, planning challenges are mainly focused on being able to adapt and think ahead. It is about achieving greater agility and visibility, but without creating further complexity", explains Arnaud Louet, Maisons du Monde's Administrative and Finance Director.

The planning challenge is notably characterized by the many analyses to be carried out on the two main distribution channels. On the one hand, there is physical distribution through points of sale, and on the other hand, a constantly growing e-Commerce activity that already accounts for 20% of the business. "It was important for us to have a clear understanding of these two distribution channels with, in the center, the customer, who is now common to both, since they have become resolutely omnichannel", specifies Arnaud Louet.

With its business spread across both the home furniture and decoration categories, this retailer carries a large number of product references that intersect with each other and can be analyzed along many lines. With this project, one of Maisons du Monde's objectives was, notably, to have a single repository and give itself the tools to enable it to perform all the analyses required to steer the business and thus achieve greater legibility and clarity.

To carry out this project, Maisons du Monde's Finance Department chose to be assisted by the Keyrus Management Firm, which was involved throughout the project on these two key phases.

A first stage stating requirements and helping to choose the solution

The statement of requirements served to clarify the fundamentals of the reporting and planning processes and define the key analytical indicators and approaches required to steer the business. Up until then, the lack of both precise reporting, and indicators that were clearly shared by all concerned, had made it difficult for the Finance Department to engage with the business function experts.

Maisons du Monde chose the Anaplan solution, which emerged as a tool that was both easy to implement and suited to the retail sector, and offered enhanced agility with a shorter implementation time.

"Through its knowledge of the Retail sector and analytical ability, Keyrus Management was able to help us better clarify and structure our requirements, and, given their expertise in the tools on the market, also guide us in our crucial choice of solution", specifies Arnaud Louet.

A second stage implementing the Anaplan solution

The implementation phase was conducted with major input from Maisons du Monde's Group Management Controlling team. Since Anaplan is flexible in its implementation and easily accessible to business function staff, it offers an Agile approach that puts the business user at the heart of its operation.

The approach proposed by Keyrus Management makes it possible to produce concrete results very quickly and give more autonomy to the business functions.

"Throughout the implementation process, we became increasingly aware of the magic of Anaplan, since we were able to combine the appropriation, training, and implementation phases in parallel with each other. The implementation was particularly fast, since, in the space of a few months, we were able to put in place the entirety of the monthly actual, reforecast, and budget reporting phases", declares Arnaud Louet.

Analyses of 300 stores and 11 countries now made possible, and to an unprecedented level of detail

The overhaul of reporting processes and the implementation of Anaplan have been crucial in the organization of Maisons du Monde.

From now on, the Finance Department is able to undertake monthly performance reviews, business function by business function, of the 300 stores and 11 countries that make up Maisons du Monde's market, and to do so with refined levels of detail and analysis.

The environment that has been put in place makes it possible to analyze the profitability of both e-Commerce and in-store business, but also to manage development performance.

"As Finance Director, I now have the ability to back up the various operational business functions and support functions. We are now in a position to share all KPIs regularly and in a precise manner, and to have a genuine business dialogue with the different departments" specifies Arnaud Louet.

"Keyrus Management provided us with methods and processes, as well as essential expertise in defining our analysis criteria and choosing our solution. With their experts, we were able to set milestones for the project so as to maintain a good pace of execution, optimizing each stage of the deployment", concludes Arnaud Louet.

"We are especially pleased to have assisted Maisons du Monde's Finance Department with this whole project. First and foremost, because it is always exciting helping to provide the Finance Department of a fast-growing Group with the processes and tools enabling it to support the growth and be a stakeholder in strategic decisions. But also because this project is fully in line with our approach of assisting our clients hands-on in addressing their challenges by combining our business and technological know-how", adds Valérie Frankiel, Deputy Managing Director & Partner of Keyrus Management.

New, forthcoming applications for Financial, Operational, and HR performance management

Anaplan still offers Maisons du Monde a broad and promising range of possibilities. With the reporting phases finalized, Maisons du Monde is now considering using the solution to deepen its understanding of the payroll for the stores and support functions, improve requirements planning in terms of logistics, and carry out a detailed analysis of the different levels of margin in the product collection.

Watch the video testimony of Arnaud Louet, Administrative and Financial Director of Maisons du Monde: