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Keyrus announces a worldwide partnership with Snowflake Computing

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Keyrus announced today a worldwide partnership with Snowflake Computing, a data warehouse built for the Cloud. The goal of this partnership is to accelerate the adoption of data warehousing solutions by its customers across all subsidiaries by providing them with new offerings in their Cloud-based SaaS solutions portfolio.

Snowflake provides a purpose built Data Warehouse as a Service platform for the Cloud. Its design takes advantage of the flexibility, scalability & agility of a Cloud platform. Conventional data warehouses and Big Data solutions increasingly struggle to fulfill their fundamental purpose: to make it easier to gather data, to enable fast analytics and to quickly make data insights available to every user, consumer and system that needs them. To overcome this issue, Snowflake developed a SQL data warehouse for the Cloud from the ground up, designed with a patented new architecture.

For customers, it is a question of storing and processing all structured & semi-structured data in one place, without managing the infrastructure or tuning the database. They only have to pay for the amount of data stored and the amount of processing performed. This is what Snowflake offers.

For Keyrus, the objectives of this partnership are numerous. It allows Keyrus to strengthen the Cloud-based SaaS solutions portfolio it offers to meet current customers’ needs. It also opens the way for new commercial synergies in order to gain new customers in close collaboration with Snowflake. Finally, this partnership allows Rivery to accelerate its commercial and product development thanks to its proximity with Snowflake. Rivery is a Cloud-based data aggregation and consolidation SaaS startup, created by Keyrus. The ETL platform uses a native connection which is highly complementary to Snowflake. This partnership will therefore strengthen the Keyrus Group’s entire Cloud strategy, with the Group aiming to support companies’ transformation and cloudification.

"This partnership allows us to accelerate in the Cloud and to increase the value of our offer to better support our customers. Snowflake's solutions meet the needs of the market and target our customers' data issues: storage, management and exploitation. Snowflake will enable our customers to perform all their data analysis in a flexible, scalable and cost-effective way", said Ankur Gupta, Group Director Big Data & Cloud, Keyrus.

This contract, signed in the US, covers all sectors in all 18 Keyrus Group subsidiaries across 4 continents.

"Snowflake's partnership with Keyrus is even more evidence that the Cloud is the best option for organizations of any size that want to deploy data-driven analytics locally or across the globe", commented Snowflake's Director of Sales Southern Europe, Ivan Smets.