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Keyrus receives a Data Masters Award from Talend

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Press Release - Talend
23rd November 2015

Talend Honors 2015 Data Masters Awards Winners

Annual Program Recognizes Companies Including Citi Group, GE Healthcare, Hess Corp. That Are Leading the Market Through Innovative Use of Data Integration.

Redwood City, Calif. – November 23, 2015 – Talend, a global leader in big data integration software, today announced the winners of its first annual awards program—Talend Data Masters. Eleven forward-thinking organizations were presented with this honor in a ceremony during the annual Talend Connect conference, currently taking place in Paris, France. The Data Masters awards celebrate enterprises that are using Talend solutions to transform their data architectures and fuel overall business success.

Carefully selected from more than 1,700 global customers representing large public organizations and private firms across every major business sector, the 2015 Talend Data Masters winners were selected using a range of criteria including market impact and innovation, project scale and complexity, big data technology usage and creativity, as well as the overall business value achieved.

“We created the Data Master awards to recognize the outstanding vision and achievements of customers using Talend solutions to dramatically transform their businesses into truly data-driven organizations,” said Mike Tuchen, CEO, Talend. “While we’re proud of all our customers’ achievements, the Data Masters winners are pioneering new ways to channel ever-growing volumes of data into actionable information that is not only improving their businesses, but in many instances also benefiting the broader population.”

The winners of the inaugural Talend Data Masters Awards include:

  • CitiCiti, the retail banking operation of Citibank, saw great opportunity in the area of analytics to examine far greater volumes of data than ever before possible. Partnering with Talend, Citi was able to utilize cutting-edge Hadoop and cloud data processing technologies to improve data movement and quality across multiple systems in order to generate reports in minutes versus days to improve business decision making.
  • Douglas Douglas, a leading European beauty products retailer, needed a way to connect its multitude of disparate systems in order to reduce its time-to-order fulfillment process for a new product launch campaign. With Talend, Douglas enabled all its business lines with access to more than twelve different systems in order to streamline and efficiently deliver the new product to customers throughout Europe in a single month.
  • GE Healthcare GE Healthcare, a unit of General Electric Company, (NYSE: GE) provides transformational medical technologies and services to meet the demand for increased access, enhanced quality and more affordable healthcare around the world. GE Healthcare and Talend worked together to streamline the flow of data between healthcare organizations and payers, which amounts to over 2 million claim/payment transactions per day —in order to help reduce the administrative burden associated with healthcare insurance claims and payments. 
  • Globalway Globalway provides cloud-oriented solutions to the burgeoning Japanese marketplace. Globalway teamed with Talend to help its customers migrate legacy applications to the cloud to enable forward-looking insight. For example, utilizing Talend solutions, Globalway was able to help one of its automobile manufacturing clients take sensory information from its cars’ IoT navigation systems and use it to improve future car development.
  • Hess Corporation – Hess Corporation, a leading global independent energy company engaged in the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas, is utilizing Talend in a predictive analytics solution. Utilizing Talend data integration to work with other big data analytics solutions, Hess can now generate reports in hours that used to take weeks, so they can better pinpoint where to drill.
  • Keyrus – As a key Management consulting and Data Technology Leader, Keyrus enables organizations to successfully turn new data from the digital paradigm into new business opportunities for its clients. Working with Talend, Keyrus was able to integrate all customer account information into one platform, which helped to reduce training time and deliver a 360-degree view of each customer. The less time spent training employees on one vs. several different systems meant they had more time spent addressing customer needs.
  • m2oCity m2oCity, one of the leading operators of remote smart reader technology in France, monitors a network of more than two million Machine-to-Machine (M2M) devices across 1,500 cities, measuring water, gas usage. Utilizing Talend, m2ocity is able to process large volumes of data generated by their millions of smart meters daily and distribute it quickly in a user-friendly format that enables customers to develop new value-added services.
  • OTTO Group OTTO Group, one of the largest online retailers in the world, used Talend’s big data solution to replace aging, legacy, batch-oriented integration systems so the company could have better insight into customers’ shopping behavior and successfully prevent last minute shopping cart abandonment with real-time incentives.
  • SpringgSpringg, an international software company specializing in agricultural data transport, software development and sensor technologies, is helping to feed the world through its innovative use of Talend software. Utilizing Talend, Springg is able to evaluate data collected from sensors at use in their mobile laboratories around the globe to measure soil elements. Based on these insights, Springg can give farmers soil and fertilizer advice to help dramatically increase their yield targets.
  • Travis Perkins — The U.K.’s largest building materials supplier, Travis Perkins plc., operates 20 businesses across the country, including Wickes, a DIY home improvement chain, and Benchmarx, a kitchen and joinery supply store. Using Talend’s solutions, Travis Perkins was able to improve its customer conversion rate 30 percent by standardizing data across products, customers, and branches and, among other things, ensuring the availability of accurate product and pricing information.
  • Virtusa Virtusa, a global information technology (IT) services’ company and valued Talend partner, provides IT consulting, technology and outsourcing services. After implementing Talend’s master data management solution, Virtusa was able to reduce customer fraud and risk, keeping the company in compliance with regulatory measures, while also streamlining sales, marketing and other operational functions. As a result, the company was able to create business efficiencies and enhance its global delivery model for high-value IT client services. 

Supporting Quotes:

“At GE Healthcare IT, we’re using Talend to serve as the communications hub between health plans and providers,” said Jon Zimmerman, GM, Clinical Business Solutions, GE Healthcare IT. ”In the US, there are billions of dollars wasted in administrative processes because the information is not getting to the right place at the right time to deliver appropriate care. By leveraging what Talend can do in the middle of our network, all of our customers can reduce waste and return more value for delivering care versus just administering care.” 

“We’ve been doing IoT as a service with Talend for the past two years, building a scalable and valuable solution for the years to come,” said Christophe Roussel, Infrastructure Manager, m2ocity. “Now we have a future-proof platform that can create new value-added, data-driven services such as consumer portals for our customer’s customers or new consumer markets.”

“Our mission is to feed the world’s growing number of citizens by helping rural farmers increase their crop yield by as much as 500%,” said Wouter Kerkhof, CEO of Springg. “By working with Talend, we are able to seamlessly collect and analyze data from all our mobile labs in rural areas worldwide, and serve more farmers at a fraction of the cost then it would take them to get similar insight from a traditional chemical laboratory.”

To learn more about Talend and its complete portfolio of solutions visit:

https://www.talend.com/. Additional details on each of the Data Masters Awards winners can be viewed in their respective testimonial videos located here.

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