Develop perception, actual experience and interaction between customers and brands

The Digital Experience is a new paradigm which places the customer at the center of the relationship with brands and their ecosystem. 

On the one hand, it allows the customer to improve his perception and actual experience of brands, and on the other hand, it enables brands to interact continually with their customers and gain their loyalty. This immersive relationship can be explained by the new possibilities offered by the "all-digital" environment: Web, mobile, social networks, connected objects.

Brands must build ongoing and seamless relationships of trust, whatever may be the channel, media or format used. The digital experience is becoming a live and ubiquitous one. It is based on accessibility, experiential pleasure and interface performance.

  • User Experience, Digital Marketing & CRM
  • Digital Commerce (omnichannel, storytelling, social)
  • Innovation & Digital Strategy and Performance (decompartmentalized analysis grids and multi-criteria KPIs)

We assist enterprises in developing and disseminating the digital experience in order to strengthen their customers' engagement and boost their sales. 

Valorize the customer experience

On the digital platforms, the challenge posed by the customer experience is that brands must succeed, at all times, in delivering the right message, at the right time, to the right person. The objective is to understand whether the digital experience is targeted and appropriate, and whether it translates into a measurable action. Only then may the digital experience claim to be "seamless", non-intrusive and efficient.

To reach this result, the digital experience of each visitor, whether a prospect or customer, must be personalized as much as possible. Each of them must receive the "expected", and most relevant, information when they interact and engage with a brand. 


Analytics promoting brands

The ever more detailed analysis of the media mix easily allows advertising investments to be directed towards digital media: they are measurable, controllable, payable on the basis of use, and are growing and far less expensive. Digital media also enable hyper-targeting and the tracking of all actions. Kotler marketing is thus receiving shots across the bows from "digital marketing," online advertising, advertising retargeting, "trigger marketing"…

Likewise, the analysis of consumer behavior is no longer limited to a simple RFM examination and segmentation. Studying conversations on the Internet and social networks enables semantic analysis to be undertaken and consumer opinions categorized into coherent clusters. These can then enrich an existing, behavior-based segmentation. Semantic analysis makes it possible to decipher needs and desires of consumers, anticipate their requirements, and enrich the digital experience in the broad sense…


The customer :  epicenter of the enterprise

To put things simply, the explosion of the social Web, mobile and geolocation showed us that the center of gravity that was once the brand – Kotler marketing is inherently "Brand Centric" – was shifting from the center to the periphery. The customer is becoming the epicenter of marketing, the core (a notion referred to as "Customer Centricity") around which the brand must adapt its communication, relationship and commercial and advertising pressure. The brand must thus re-center this "brand experience" on digital media and channels. In constructing a lasting customer relationship, the digital experience is fundamental.    


Omnichannel : the engine of Digital Commerce

Now permanently connected, consumers possess on average 2.1 terminals. This increases the contact opportunities for brands. Omnichannel strategy is becoming a major issue for the enterprise wishing to develop its customer relationship rapidly and effectively. From now on, every consumer wants to scan, compare and buy as quickly as possible and with minimal hassle. He wants to know everything about the product and obtain it right now, whilst at the same time avoiding the physical hindrances of a customer journey (seamless approach) ! There are numerous solutions allowing an enterprise to reach its target customer and help it effectively on its purchasing journey : Web-to-store, Store-to-Web, Drive, Digital Wallet, Showrooming, interactive Terminals and walls…