Agility and Digital - two performance drivers which are today essential for all sectors of activity

The "digital revolution" is currently placing enterprises at the heart of an era in which they must undergo major transformation to adapt to changes in their environment.
It is now imperative for organizations to develop their capacity to innovate and accelerate their time to market, and this is causing an upheaval of their traditional limits and benchmarks. As a consequence, business departments are working together in a more cross-cutting way to create value and enable the enterprise to stand out in an ever more competitive market.

Faced with their own growing complexity and an increasing number of projects, enterprises must think ahead and act ever more quickly, with a twofold requirement :

  • To have available to them new skills related to the digital economy and mobilize resources on different projects efficiently
  • To manage their performance in order to ensure that in terms of operational actions their strategy is deployed effectively, and that objectives set are duly achieved.  

Helping clients meet their increased need for rapid transformation by developing their agility and accelerating the use of Digital.

The enterprise must re-think its partner ecosystem to stimulate innovation

Gone is the time when innovation was the prerogative of a R&D department functioning as a self-contained unit in the enterprise. The ""assembler"" model which shifted part of innovation from the industrial producers to their suppliers and subcontractors has not been long-lived either. Innovation now goes hand in hand with Digital. New players from this world are blowing apart the traditional value chains and imposing new models.  In this way, Open Innovation leads yesterday’s rivals to cooperate through the mutualization of their information. Moreover, the change in economic models towards an increased valorization of the services offered with the products sold is forcing manufacturers to find new types of partners who do not come from the world of industry. 


The customer "finally" at the center of the enterprise

Customers' new forms of behavior and practices are re-dealing the cards within the enterprise. The latter must now gear itself up to meet increased demands for immediacy and expertise. The watchword is now the personalization of service at all stages in the customer relationship cycle and across all contact channels… just when the customer wants it. "What actually happens is more important than what was planned": so it is that the essential need for agility is making the enterprise bring all its departments together to deliver the best customer experience, from managing the customer lead to processing invoices, complaints, etc.