Keyrus is a world-wide partner of the publisher Tableau Software, the leader in self-service Business Intelligence

As experts in Data Visualization projects and the Tableau Software solution, Keyrus supports their clients through all the implementation phases of the Tableau solution thanks to their proven method of agile support. The most important objective is for the company to become totally autonomous in handling the tool, analysing their data and creating dashboards, via an effective and complete transfer of expertise.

A self-service Business Intelligence Solution, Tableau Desktop uses an innovative technology that allows any user to simply drag-and-drop data in order to analyse them.

Users can thus quickly access data and visualize them. With just a few additional clicks, they can create interactive dashboards. Tableau Software makes the most of everyone's natural capacity to think visually without being blocked by "wizards" (software assistants), or slowed down by writing scripts. The solution is extremely simple to use, placing it within the reach of any user of Microsoft Excel.


  • Major player in the Social Welfare sector

    POC Tableau Software and Alteryx on sales management. Consulting on the representation mode of the performance indicators, and on the positioning of a self-service BI offer.

  • RĂ©seau Ferre De France (French Railway Network)

    Tableau Software expertise centre supporting the deployment of Tableau. Advanced use of mapping: specific maps, routes for train lines, etc.

  • Scor

    Tableau Software POC on accounting themes with data from SAP Sybase IQ and supported by the existing SAP BI.

  • Taxis G7

    Deployment of dashboards for customer complaints with Tableau Desktop and Server.