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Keyrus helps China Express Airlines design and deploy its online sales platform with the SAP Hybris Travel Accelerator solution

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Keyrus, a strategic partner of SAP Hybris, is today the first company to successfully deploy its module dedicated to air transport, SAP Hybris Travel Accelerator, for China Express Airlines. With this new platform, Keyrus is proposing a turnkey connector with one of the main travel product reservation systems, TravelSky (GDS).

Keyrus announces that it has successfully designed and implemented a new online sales platform for China Express Airlines, a leading regional airline in China.

China Express Airlines, also known as Huaxia Airlines, is the leading private regional airline in China. From its Chongqing hub in Southwest China, the airline serves several dozen medium-sized cities across the country. With its highly ambitious development plan for the coming years, based notably on the dynamism of the air travel market in Asia and the adoption, on a massive scale, of online channels, China Express Airlines was indicating that it needed to speed up its digital transformation. Thanks to the implementation of SAP's Hybris solution, coupled with the deployment of new services, China Express Airlines can, from now on, position itself as a leading force behind the digital changes occurring in the world of travel.

By using the SAP Hybris Travel Accelerator module, it was possible to make the first online version accessible, on computer as on mobile, just 3 months after the start of the project (www.ehxair.com). In addition to the sale of airline tickets for the Chinese market, the platform also proposes full packages (hotel accommodation, etc.) for sale, as well as local products. Version 2, which will be available very soon, will also offer for sale tickets and packages for international destinations.

To propose these offerings online, Keyrus developed a connector with the main travel product reservation platform (GDS) in China, TravelSky. This connector gives access to the full range of the airline's offerings, as well as those of its partners in China and other countries.

As well as developing online selling, China Express Airlines is capitalizing on this new platform to improve its insight into its customers and prospects. In this way, the airline can come up with lots of ideas for the offerings and packages it proposes to its partners, combining the implementation of an omnichannel platform with data analysis tools.

"The Keyrus teams dedicated to our project clearly understood our business and technological requirements", confirms Zhang Chunyu, e-commerce General Manager for China Express Airlines. "Keyrus's expertise in the design and implementation of the SAP Hybris platform, combined with their constant drive to find the most effective ways to achieve optimization, allowed us to meet very tight deadlines, and, in so doing, to have the first working platform using SAP Hybris Travel Accelerator”.

"We are very proud to be assisting China Express Airlines with this strategic project, in a market with very strong growth potential like the Asia-Pacific air transport market. It confirms our know-how in deploying, within short time frames, digital projects using SAP's Hybris platform. Thanks to the work of our teams, Keyrus Rapidstore®, our portfolio of immediately available omnichannel services and tools, now offers a connector dedicated to air transport (GDS) that can very quickly be deployed for any airline", explains Thomas Alix, Deputy General Manager, e-Commerce & Digital at Keyrus APAC.

"Through this new platform, the Keyrus Group confirms its teams' ability to deliver on projects in all sectors of activity. After retail, the luxury sector, B2B2C and B2B, we are now able to turn our attention to the tourism and air transport sector, thanks to our business know-how, coupled with our expertise in consulting and the implementation of solutions. With this first worldwide project based on the implementation of SAP Hybris Travel Accelerator, Keyrus proves once again its ability to position itself to work on large-scale strategic projects", adds Stephan Samouilhan, VP Digital at the Keyrus Group.



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