• AB InBev

    Several projects in all AB InBev operating zones, successfully deploying new governance and technology to support the Performance Management cycle (Budgeting / Tracking & Monitoring / Forecasting). The various streams span across the full P&L: Revenue and Marginal Contribution, Overhead (ZBB), Customer / Product / Market profitability, Production and Supply costs. Keyrus has supported AB InBev end-to-end: design of analytical models, process and organisation optimisation, tool design and deployment, project and change management.

  • American car manufacturer

    Reorganization of the Marketing and communications department, definition of the organizational structure, review of necessary skills linked to the evolution of business functions towards digital channels, establishment of the coordination processes and routines to apply internally and with partner agencies.

  • Arkema

    Improving the management of Business Intelligence Information Systems by reorganizing support services and maintenance conducted on the client's site so as to transfer them to one of its BI Service Centers.

  • Concorde (Hotels & Resorts)

    Optimization of the relational policy, periodic audit of the reservation centers for the hotels of the Concorde group (Crillon, Martinez, Concorde La Fayette, etc.), studies and analyses of the performance of the reservation centers, putting in place of action plans.

  • Galeries Lafayette

    Scoping and implementation of the redesign of the e-commerce site (Hybris E-commerce platform, Endeca Searchandising) on the scale of the entire Galeries Lafayette group.

  • Imerys

    Putting in place a commercial reporting solution using SAP Business Objects, covering 23 countries and numerous legal entities : simplifying the initial process, making the consolidation process and data more reliable, addressing user autonomy.

  • International banking group

    Rates Parameters and Model Control Department, independent verification of the valuation of the front office from external market informations (Totem, Collateral, Bloomberg, Brokers, etc), methodologies and calculation of reserves specifically on structured products, quantifying the uncertainty of the value of certain parameters, certain pricing models or certain market conditions, calculating the consideration of credit risk on the valuation, models calibration.

  • International Beverages Distributor

    Deployment of a financial reporting and budgeting software solution: definition of a Roadmap to determine the scope of each phase of the project, definition of the technical and functional specifications, iterative work by modelling to check that the needs match the target populations, deployment of the application software, acceptance and training.

  • International car manufacturer

    Improving commercial opportunities through client knowledge, identifying the 20 pieces of client data to gather, the Customer Master Record, defining the multi-channel client classification plan.

  • International car manufacturer

    Creation of a custom performance solution, using QlikView technology and 'BI on Demand', for managing enterprise services, deployed to 12 countries. This solution now allows the Renault Group to standardize its cost/quality indicators.

  • International car manufacturer

    Support the design of the sales strategy and marketing tools, enabling a reduction in time to market. Design, develop and deploy change management (training and communication) in the different countries, coordinate the implementation.

  • International car manufacturer

    Audit and Search Engine Optimization study on the Internet sites of the automobile manufacturer Citroën. Analysis of traffic, optimization of search engine referencing and drafting of strategic recommendations to have deployed by the brand's interactive agencies.

  • International Charterer

    Implementation of corrective, adaptive and ongoing maintenance of the SAS Financial Management environment within the financial department of the charterer, in order to support the financial reporting and operational forecasting processes.

  • International corporate banking player

    « Vision Sortie du Risque » Project in the Group Risk Department: monitoring transactions to fit the “originate to distribute“ strategy, monitoring outstanding impacted by these transactions (final weight in the total risk), definition of type indicators "net economic exposure guarantees", restitution of informations through the credit portal with a view by counterparty, loading and centralization of informations in Fermat software and in the enterprise database.

  • International energy group

    Support the implementation of the new organization model for the Procurement Department: describe the target organizational model (Matrix Organization) and formalize job descriptions.

  • International energy group

    Full maintenance of the decision support system, implementation of a Third-Party Maintenance (TMD) process for operational maintenance, organization and call monitoring, implementation of management dashboards for various organizational departments within the Group.

  • International group in the luxury goods and cosmetics sector

    Support Finance and Operational IS Departments in the evolution of the group management control systems (2000 controllers), including General functional design, support the selection process for a solution for the budgeting and financial reporting (software vendor, sustem integrator) including the realization of a Proof of Concept and a Proof of Technology, change management and international roll out.

  • International hotel and catering group

    Conception of an online application for generating commercial presentations. A tool which enables the easy creation, on the fly, of quality, homogenous presentations personalised for their clients.

  • International life assurance group

    Detection of Health and Welfare benefits fraud. Assignment to combat health and welfare benefits fraud, mapping of risks of fraud existing within the organization, identification of risks and anti-fraud checks (supplementary proposals based on the Kadris monitoring catalog), predictive analysis tooling initiative. Initialization of the model - pilot phase.

  • International pharmaceutical laboratory

    Assistance in choosing a geographical information system, and installation of a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 decision-making model.

  • International pharmaceuticals group

    Development opportunities with connected objects.

  • International Transport Company

    Total overhaul of the international transport company's Data Warehouse providing the group with a complete management system – strategic and operational reporting, simulation, scheduling and forecasting – for the activity of its 53 agencies.

  • Key player in the Electrical energy domain

    Support the evolution of the performance management project, in the context of an evolving business model and organization: evolution of performance management (industrial performance, project management, cash management, etc.), simplify and enhance the steering platform in order to harmonize financial consolidation and performance management.

  • Leader in energy

    Strategic framework associated with Product Lifecycle Management : Conducting of seminars dedicated to strategic analysis and positioning, market studies, analysis of competitor positioning, weighing up of Building Information Management markets and players, business Case and decision dossier for Senior Management.

  • Leader in Energy Management

    Analysis of the Building Information Management market.

  • Leading international energy player

    Assisting with the definition and implementation of a digitalization strategy around a BIM (Building Information Management) project. A comprehensive assistance assignment (market studies, analysis of competitors' positioning, guaging of markets, organization of awareness seminars for Group management).

  • Leading international player in the construction and public works sector

    Assisting the Group Finance Department with developing performance management :  development of the management model for the sake of harmonization between activities and implementation of a steering tool forming part of the existing Finance IS structure. Functional scoping and assistance with the choice of tools (forecasting and Business Intelligence), functional conception of the main management principles, project ownership assistance and change management.

  • Leading pharmaceutical industry player

    MDM Opportunity Study in the context of a Finance / Supply Chain ERP re-design. Perimeter and Concepts: Products, projects, suppliers, finance business repositories. Contributions : Support for the ERP initiative and urbanization of the IS. Identification of critical areas of data for the organization, assessment of semantics and the trajectory for subjecting data to monitoring.

  • Leading pharmaceutical industry player

    Study on the impact of new merchandising in pharmacies, defining the study methodology (mix between quanti, quali and online), drafting 3 different questionnaires: customers, pharmacist and animation script, analyzing and summarizing the results and defining recommended actions.

  • Major energy group

    Improving prediction performance of churn modelling based on relevant indicators coming from the analysis of weblogs and remarks by telephone agents. The objective was to detect ""typical"" patterns of behaviour by customers presenting a high risk of departing and bring out as yet unknown reasons for their departing, thanks to new data available through textual analysis and web analytics methods. 

  • Major international bank

    Create a service catalog for the definition and implementation of an integrated portfolio management at CIO level, define a transformation program for delivery of IT projects approach, define the release cycle from demand to post-implementation (definition of phases, activities, deliverables, RACI, acceptance criteria, etc.), standardize the project management methodology (standard approaches and milestones for better control). 

  • Qoros

    Definition and implementation of a catalog of electronic parts for new vehicles in the Qoros range supporting sales and after-sales service for the brand’s dealerships in China: optimisation of the information access and search functions on the site of the catalog (Exalead technology), creation of the functional specifications and of the Business Requirements of the EPC (Electronic Parts Catalog), preparation of the deployment plan and of the trajectory for the EPC in accordance with Qoros’ business-line strategy.

  • Ricard

    Assistance from Keyrus in the choice of an analysis solution based on the QlikView technology and putting in place of reporting common to the whole company. 

  • TNT

    Installation of a sales analysis application to consolidate data from different systems and thoroughly analyse discrepancies and trends among multiple users. The latter can now assess commercial and marketing performance per product line / geography / entity.

  • Vinci

    Scoping, design and implementation of the business repository of VINCI Group entities. Harmonization of the business vocabulary, introduction of governance for the collaborative administration of the Group's entities, limitation of impact on working habits, communication with VINCI players and raising of their awareness, support for fiscal dematerialization.