Willis NANA, Business Intelligence Consultant - Keyrus Canada

  • In which year were you recruited by Keyrus?

I joined Keyrus in April 2012 as an intern on my end-of-studies placement. The placement went well, so I was recruited as a BI consultant.

  • What is your position at Keyrus?

I am a Business Intelligence consultant, specializing in Microsoft technologies.

  • What does your everyday work consist of?

My work consists of solving the problem issues I encounter with my various clients, from modelling, through database administration and reporting. As a specialist in Microsoft tools, I work on SQL Server or Sharepoint technologies. I am a person who is curious and keen to discover other technologies. My current assignment is with a French car manufacturer where I have improved an application for monitoring the quality of vehicle parts provided by suppliers.

  • Has your position evolved since you joined Keyrus? If so, how?

Since joining Keyrus as an intern, I have of course evolved. I have acquired technical experience enabling me to solve the many problem issues encountered with my clients. I have also gained independence and confidence, through the various assignments that I have undertaken.

  • What was your objective in joining Keyrus?

I chose the Keyrus Group for its international dimension. Having lived in London, I wanted to join a company in which I would be able to gain further experience abroad. One of my aims was to travel to a country that I did not already know, so I chose Canada. Keyrus being established in Montreal, this was an opportunity I could not miss. I had a series of interviews and my request for expatriation was validated.

  • What have you gained from your experience with Keyrus?

Keyrus trusted me with various projects and does not hesitate to provide its junior employees with challenges. Being a person who likes a challenge, I know I can rely on the managerial team to set them for me. With Keyrus, I have realized that I like to exceed myself.

  • What do you appreciate most at Keyrus?

Professionally, Keyrus is a company that listens to its employees. Managers, sales people, and experts can all be reached if needed.

On the human level, there is a good atmosphere. Even when on assignment, there are regular social evenings for employees, which are ideal for team-building and meeting up with other "Keyrusians".

  • What education/training courses have you undertaken?

I have loved computers since I was very young, so going into computing was obvious for me. First, I obtained a "BTS" diploma in computer science. Then, I was accepted at the SupInfo University in Paris, which is where I decided to work in the Business Intelligence field. I completed part of my SupInfo course in London.

  • What was your career path before joining Keyrus?

Keyrus was my first experience working in the Business Intelligence field. Previously, during my studies, I did many internships, as a Project Ownership assistant with Bureau Veritas, and as a system and network administrator at the Palais de Tokyo. This gave me a good overall view of the various jobs in IT.

  • In your opinion, how does Keyrus set itself apart from its competitors?

I think Keyrus likes to set itself challenges. The Data Scientist chair, created in collaboration with the École polytechnique, Orange, and Thales, is an example: I find that kind of initiative interesting.

  • To sum up, joining Keyrus is…

Keyrus is a company that believes in its employees, entrusting them with interesting and motivating assignments, and giving them the means to continue their training and gain certifications if they so wish. The sales staff and managers do listen to us. Between two assignments, I take advantage of the opportunity to complete training courses, gain certifications or monitor technological developments. Keyrus is quite flexible in that respect.