Julie SEGUELA, Data Scientist - Keyrus France

  • What is your position at Keyrus?

I have been a Data Scientist with Keyrus since April 2014.

  • What does your everyday work consist of?

I hold a pivotal position which enables me to grasp all the facets of a project. I bring my expertise in Statistics to the pre-sale phase, and I undertake research for our clients regarding various problems (forecasting, targeting, text mining, etc.) that require the implementation of advanced Machine Learning methods.

  • Why did you choose to join the Keyrus Group?

At Keyrus, Data Intelligence is placed at the heart of strategy, and the teams evolve as fast as the technologies in this field. More and more companies wish to discover and use these new tools, and Keyrus has the resources to support them along this route. It was this modern positioning, in tune with today's market, that convinced me to join the group.

  • What have you gained from your experience with Keyrus?

Since arriving at Keyrus, I have been able to work on a variety of projects, allowing me to develop my experience. Furthermore, my interactions with Keyrus's Big Data team on the monitoring of technological and methodological developments are very enriching for me, as they provide me with a view that is complementary to mine.

  • What do you appreciate most at Keyrus?

At Keyrus, whether it is for team meetings or team-building activities, many occasions to meet up are organized. This enables employees to exchange their expertise and capitalize on their experience, but also to maintain a good atmosphere within the teams!

  • What education/training courses have you undertaken?

I completed a Master of Statistics in Toulouse, then, after my final-year internship, I sought to improve my expertise in Internet data analysis, by preparing a thesis for a start-up.

  • What was your career path before joining Keyrus?

I worked in innovative Internet companies on R&D studies and problems for five years. This gave me expert knowledge of new data types (textual data, web journeys, etc.) and enabled me to implement advanced methods of statistical analysis.

  • In your opinion, how does Keyrus set itself apart from its competitors?

In my opinion, Keyrus sets itself apart from its competitors by its innovative positioning and its neutrality regarding the technologies used. At Keyrus, we have expert knowledge of many different tools, and it is only the client's needs that guide the choice of the solutions proposed.

  • To sum up, joining Keyrus is…

To join Keyrus today is to join an expanding company, with a clear and consistent positioning with regard to its market, but it is also the opportunity to discover varied and innovative fields of application by working on the high-stakes challenges surrounding data.