Emma HOANG, Management Consultant - Keyrus Belgium

• What is your position at Keyrus?

I joined the Keyrus Group in Belgium in 2012 as a generalist Management Consultant. Two years later, I was seconded to Keyrus Management In France, working within the Marketing practice.

• What does your everyday work consist of?

My work consists of undertaking assignments with various clients, particularly in the field of digital strategies. This involves doing in-house research and analyses, interacting with clients to present our recommendations to them, and helping them make decisions and implement the recommendations with their teams.

In addition, my work also involves participating in the pre-sale phase of projects by helping draft commercial proposals and attending meetings.

• Has your position evolved since you joined Keyrus? If so, how?

When I arrived at the Keyrus Group, I provided support to managers by doing research and other analyses, supplying them with subject matter for client presentations, and assisting them during the various meetings. Gradually, I was given more responsibility; I now lead meetings and am moving towards more managerial activities, working with junior consultants.

Furthermore, the Keyrus Group encourages horizontal mobility within the various subsidiaries: I was recruited by the Brussels office, currently work for the Paris office, and have requested a transfer to Sao Paulo.

• What was your objective in joining Keyrus?

My aim as a generalist Management Consultant was to discover different industries and participate in different assignments in order to develop a range of skills that would enable me to specialise later.

The topics dealt with by the Keyrus Group are varied, and thanks to the possibilities for horizontal mobility you have the chance to be involved in several different types of projects and work with different teams.

It was for all these reasons that I chose to join the Keyrus Group. I was also very motivated by the discussions I had with the personnel during the recruiting process.

• What do you appreciate most at Keyrus?

Exciting, state-of-the-art projects that can be dealt with on the strategic level right through to implementation. Since arriving in France, I have been working for the Marketing Strategy practice, and we often have to work on strategy definition assignments that capitalize particularly on information and communication technologies, the DNA of the Keyrus Group. These assignments are then implemented by one or more other entities of the Group, which is very fulfilling and allows us to see the impact of our work.

Through the wide variety of activities, every day I meet colleagues from different backgrounds who are often a source of inspiration in terms of skills development and professional philosophy.

Finally, Keyrus has an important human dimension: working in small teams within a large group, the work is done in a family-type environment but with all the benefits of the skills and network of a major group.

  • What education/training courses have you undertaken?

Science-Maths baccalaureate-equivalent in Belgium, then I graduated from a business school as a Management Engineer.

  • What was your career path before joining Keyrus? 

During my studies and before joining Keyrus, I created a web start-up for student accommodation in Brussels.

  • In your opinion, how does Keyrus set itself apart from its competitors?

By its positioning on "hype" subjects such as big data, from strategy through to implementation.

  • To sum up, joining Keyrus is…

To sum up, joining Keyrus is a little like joining an international student household! There are many opportunities within the group to develop both professionally and personally, provided that you apply your energy and desire to grow to your work!