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Jump start your analytics with Power BI

Power BI is quickly becoming a critical tool for many business. Most organisations now recognise the value of understanding and utilising their data and have begun moving beyond Excel and investing in state of the art reports and visualisations. However this journey of data maturity is not straightforward.  The first hurdle organisations face is upskilling their analysts and this is where Keyrus can help to jump start your data journey. Power BI has become a natural choice for many organisations who use the Microsoft stack or use Excel for their analysis. The low initial cost, decreased learning curve and cloud first approach are massive incentives. Additionally, Power BI has grown significantly in even the past 6 months and new features have made the analytics tool competitive with market leaders.

The following is an overview of topics we can cover. We can adjust the material for your organisations specific needs.

Workshop Overview

Beginner: (Suitable for non-Power BI users)

  •   Installation and Setup
  •   Power BI Basics

  •   Power BI Desktop vs. Power BI Service   
  •   Connecting to data sources and building a basic report

  •    Basic Power BI Admin 
  •    Basic Data Preparation and Loading
  •    Designing a Data Model
  •    Extend Features with custom visuals
  •    Building a Report and designing for the user
  •    Introduction to measures in DAX
Intermediate to Advanced: (Suitable for basic to intermediate Power BI users)
  •     Advanced Data Preparation and Automation with M
  •     Advanced Data Modelling
  •     Extend Features with custom visuals
  •     Complex Measures with DAX
  •     Power BI Architecture and Admin for Enterprises
  •     Creating an Embedded Power BI report
  •     Discover More – Unearth advanced “tips & tricks” when building customer Power BI dashboards.

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