Specifically tailored for BI teams, this two day workshop introduces Agile and Scrum from first principles and is suitable for teams already attempting Scrum and those looking to make the transition. Participants are given a firm grounding in the underlying Values and Principles before learning to collaborate and solve real-world BI problems with Scrum. The workshop ends with an on-line assessment so participants can demonstrate a fundamental level of Scrum mastery.

Workshop Overview

• An introduction to Agile and "lightweight frameworks" including Scrum, Lean, Kanban and XP
• The Scrum Framework explained from first principles
• Why a team can be more productive for less effort with Scrum
• How to transition to Scrum within your organisation
• Why so many organisations fail in Agile adoption
• Monitoring Progress and Release Planning with Scrum
• Implementing Scrum with Planning Poker, User Stories and Scrum Boards
• Technical simulations of solving typical BI projects with Scrum
• Real-world challenges your team will need to overcome when adopting Scrum
• The basics of "Scaling Scrum" for larger projects using SAFe, LeSS, Nexus and other frameworks
• The opportunity to gain the PSM I Certification via their on-line assessment

Key Topics

• Choosing the right Agile framework
• Emergent Architecture without Big Design Up-Front
• Forming and Storming: Collaboration and self-organisation
• Choosing your Product Owner and Scrum Master
• Running effective Sprint Reviews and Retrospectives
• Scrum Events and "Perfect Planning"
• What every team does wrong in the Daily Scrum
• Monitoring progress, identifying impediment and swarming
• Embracing the concept of "Failing Fast"
• Using your Definition of Done to reduce Technical Debt
• Working with off-shore, near-shore and on-shore teams
• Scaled Scrum: Frameworks for teams working together
• Automated testing and Continuous Integration
• Tools and Processes
• Scrum But…

Putting theory into practice

The workshop aims to reinforce the underlying principles of Scrum with practical exercises focusing on:

  • Iterative Delivery and Empirical Process Control
  • Time-Boxing
  • Value-Based Prioritisation
  • Collaboration and Self-Organisation
  • Multi-Tasking
  • Estimation vs. Comparison

Day One introduces Scrum and the Agile Alliance, their underlying Values and Principles and then provides an in-depth understanding of the Roles, Events and Artifacts of the Scrum Framework. The day finishes with a hands-on practical to illustrate how to deliver Business Value from the very first Sprint.

Day Two focuses on implementing Scrum in the real world, looking at more advanced concepts such as team formation, Agile adoption and Scaling Scrum. The team is then challenged to solve more technical projects using Scrum's iterative and collaborative approach before finishing the day with the on-line PSM I assessment.

Training cost

SCRUM for BI including PSM I Assessment (Usually $150pp)

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