The French insurance market is undergoing profound change, after having experienced significant difficulties following the financial crisis years

Beyond this economic context, the major challenges facing the sector relate, on the one hand, to the need to accompany structuring reforms concerning coverage and financing and, on the other hand, to the ability of insurance companies to integrate all forms of innovation.

This dual challenge, combined with a highly competitive environment, is forcing insurers to adapt, mainly by relying on technologies. In 2014, the sector initiated its digital transformation. This must enable it to develop distribution models and meet the ever more demanding requirements of insured "consumers". 

Put into practice Keyrus's expertise in the Insurance sector's business lines

  • Integration of the operational impact of regulatory developments : Interprofessional National Agreement, "responsible" insurance contracts, Solvency II, the Nominative Social Declaration…
  • Optimization of the management back-office & management of organizations.
  • Fight against health and welfare benefits fraud.
  • Development of offerings and customer service platforms.
  • Risk prevention program.
  • Expertise in management controlling and budgeting.
  • Expertise in developing commercial performance.

Optimize the performance of Information Systems

  • Steering of, and assistance with, project ownership and project management - scoping, specifications, acceptance testing, assistance with deployment – for major transformation projects.
  • Integration of Business Intelligence solutions.
  • Integration of solutions for steering insurers' activity.

Assist with the digital transformation

  • Development of sales-aid tools so as to facilitate the launch of new offerings onto the market.
  • Development of the front-office for quicker access to the market.
  • Implementation of Big Data / Analytics solutions by using the sector's relevant data.