Keyrus UK have recently established a new, innovative Consulting division exclusively dedicated to the Pharmaceutical and Biotech sector.

Partnering with Aletheia Research and Consulting, a boutique agency in London specialised in advising clients on biotechnology, this team of industry experts have unified their experience in advanced analytics solutions with Keyrus to support our overall goal to become the market leader in advising and accompanying Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies with a focus on delivering:

• Competitive Intelligence / Costumer Insight
• Market Insights
• Digital/Online Research
• Payer / Regulatory / KOL Research / Databases
• Launch Readiness
• Scenario Planning / Gaming Analysis
• Lifecycle Management
• Customized Knowledge Management and CI Analytics Capabilities
• Predictive Analytics Dashboard

The Keyrus CIDashboard

Together with Aletheia Research and Consulting, Keyrus have developed the CIDashboard. This intuitive technology is the FIRST tool in the market with the ability to combine both structured and unstructured competitor data, revolutionising competitor intelligence across the Pharmaceutical industry

The CIDashboard combines both primary and secondary research methods, using complexed search algorithms, gathering and analysing "Big Data" to uncover clinical market insights. 

Keyrus CIDashboard

Bringing together a 360 view of internal, external and competitor data
- Geolocation software
- CIDashboard 
- Existing Database link

BI - Solutions

Create or use existing CRM, internal systems and external systems. Syncing together to deliver better reporting for commercial teams

Competitive Intelligence

Identifying competitive Threats for your Business.
- Simulation workshops
- Competitive scenarios
- Threat mapping

Market Insights

- Consumer Insight, Digital/Online Research
- Payer, Regulatory, KOL Research Databases

Launch Readiness/Management

Identifying and creating differentiated value in the context of an unmet need and optimising market access and reimbursement.

Market Access / P&R

- Assess market access and P&R strategies
- Utilise all information to assess possible strategies and scenarios

The Keyrus CIDashboard Results

Without Regional division, data can be misinterpreted and without a broader data gathering system, data is not robust enough.
Predict reimbursement decisions and competitor movements (filings, submissions, PR strategies, etc)

Where are discrepancies in Marketing Efforts? Salesforce activity, where and how (per email or multi - channel marketing)?

When & How are HCPS and Hospital Managers being targeted by competitors? Local examples of message and strategy

How are key stakeholders reacting in your region?
  • Predicted regulatory approval / rejection of 3 key diabetes drugs in the UK, DE, ES and IT markets
  • Anticipate Price Catch of one Diabetes Product
  • See concrete examples of advice from Physicians to OTHER Physicians regarding the use of SGLT-2 and the effect of Marketing Campaigns
  • Understand risks with Payers in each country, informing key departments to either negotiate with Payers or change market access campaigns
  • Adapting financial estimates of companies in corresponding countries, by acting on insights
  • Adapt HEOR and Market Access Coms to Payers and adapt to expectations 
  • Asses campaign performance geographically to identify both positive and negative impacts of marketing messages.
  • Creation of Internal Market Access Platform to inform on new insights coming from Payers, Physicians, Regulators and Pharmacists across Europe