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Keyrus signs a worldwide partnership with Birst, leader in Business Intelligence Cloud platforms

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An international player in the fields of Data Intelligence, Digital, and Consulting on the Management and Transformation of enterprises, Keyrus announces the signing of a worldwide partnership with Birst, an innovative Cloud solution combining the agility of a self-service Business Intelligence tool with the rigour of an enterprise BI platform in a totally integrated, single, comprehensive solution. 

With this partnership, Keyrus's offering includes a solution enabling it to address all Business Intelligence needs, through a modern and open platform, in order to satisfy the expectations of enterprises wishing to modernize their BI platform.

"Birst is the missing link between enterprise BI solutions like Cognos, BusinessObjects, and MicroStrategy, and agile BI solutions such as Qlik, Tableau Software, and Tibco Spotfire. It combines the advantages of these two worlds and will enable us to offer our clients a rapidly deployable solution that is scalable and flexible, with a first-rate user experience" emphasizes Olivier Breton, Director of the Keyrus Innovation Center.

Combine the expectations of business functions with the constraints of IT, whilst at the same time preserving BI investments already undertaken.

Birst makes data accessible to business users whilst allowing them all the autonomy they need to combine them and create their own analyses. It is all done within a centralized and secure platform that makes it possible to guarantee the veracity of data and control their dissemination.

With a Cloud deployment (public or private) but also an on-premises virtual appliance, Birst makes it possible to significantly reduce the cost of ownership (TCO) of a BI solution having to meet the challenges of enterprise BI, tactical BI, and self-service BI. This solution also makes it possible to preserve those BI investments already undertaken, be they for the data warehouse, processes or reporting tools already in place.

With Birst, all data become accessible, secured and validated, thanks to an innovative approach based on a two-level architecture.

The first layer of infrastructure makes it possible to connect up to all on-premises data sources, be they Cloud- or application-based (files, relational database management system, Salesforce, LinkedIn, SAP Hana, Hadoop, web service …), and to extract and organize data in an incremental and automated manner. Birst thus makes it possible to define a governed semantic layer grouping together all business rules and definitions and then share it in a secured manner.

The second layer of presentation offers users a single interface covering all BI uses: reporting, data discovery, dashboarding, mobility…

Keyrus, a valued player in the implantation of Birst.

Keyrus has experience and knowledge of the rationalization challenges facing large enterprises. On this basis, it is a particularly suitable valued player in the implementation of this solution. The potential of this editor in Keyrus's operating regions is significant, and several opportunities are already being developed.

"The purpose of this partnership is to offer enterprises our high value-added analytics solutions to enable them to rationalize their operations and accelerate their revenue growth" declares Kim Davis, Vice President of Alliances at Birst. "Keyrus is a major international player in performance management consulting and the integration of Business Intelligence, Analytics and Big Data solutions, possessing significant experience with large enterprises. We are delighted about this collaboration which will allow us to increase our presence in France and the EMEA zone".


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