Harnessing Disruption in the 4th Industrial Revolution

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What: Keyrus #DrivenByData Summit

Where: Level39, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AB

When: 22nd September 2016, 12.15pm to 6.00pm

Cost: Free


Harnessing Disruption in the 4th Industrial Revolution

We’ll be discussing the ever increasing rate of change and disruption in business nowadays and how data and the analysis of it underpins this.

Businesses need to embrace and harness this "new normal" to create new revenue streams and opportunities which means constructing the building blocks of this – effectively storing data; becoming data driven with BI; expanding the types of data stored (internal, external; structured, unstructured), expanding into analytics, increasing the range of people using that data.

Join us to hear from clients taking advantage of this and hear from industry thought leaders.



Dai Clegg, consultant, analyst and data thought leader.

Dai Clegg's career spans 30 years in data and database technology, as a consultant, product developer and industry analyst, with SQL, NoSQL and NewSQL database technologies, as well as other Big Data solutions. He now specializes in short-term consulting engagements with startups, helping them map their offerings on to emerging market demands and evolving geographic opportunities.

Dai will be talking about how new technologies are opening new ways for businesses to exploit their data and gain an advantage.


Vesselin Popov, Business Development Director for the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre.

Vesselin Popov is Business Development Director for The University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre. The Psychometrics Centre is a Centre of Excellence within the University of Cambridge dedicated to research teaching and product development in both pure and applied psychological assessment in the online environment since 2005. Vesselin oversees a range of projects to increase the understanding and use of Big Data Psychology in business and the community.

Vesselin will be discussing 'Psychometric Analytics: Risks, Rewards, and Revolution.' The talk will explore the impact of psychology-informed data science on marketing, finance and other sectors where Big Data analytics are becoming increasingly ubiquitous. The talk discusses the ethical implications of data-driven methods and machine-learning in certain contexts and propose ways in which the future of artificial intelligence can be more secure and more effective for citizens.


Dorian Selz, CEO and Co-founder of Squirro

Dorian Selz is Co-founder and CEO of Squirro an advanced context intelligence and insights solution that allows organisations to efficiently manage and unlock the hidden value within data. Before Squirro, he co-founded the Swiss search platform local.ch and was its CEO until December 2008. He was a partner & COO at Namics, Switzerland's largest E-Business consultancy.

Dorian will be discussing 'Insights as the new business currency'. Today over 80% of data is being held in unstructured formats with many businesses failing to make efficient use of this large percentage of data at their finger-tips. Dorian will be taking us through how and why maximizing the use of unstructured data is a necessity in the world of business today.

Eynav Azarya, Chief Executive Officer of Panorama Software

Eynav Azarya is responsible for the strategic vision and direction of Panorama Software, which today is enabling users to find valuable and hidden information from their entire data set with Panorama Necto which is a next generation smart data discovery solution for uncovering the user's inner value of their entire data set.

Prior to Panorama, Eynav was the Chief Operating Officer for BrowseUp Inc, leading worldwide company operations including R&D, Finance, Sales and Marketing and holds a Bachelor degree in Software Engineering and Industrial Engineering from Afeka-Tel Aviv Academic College of Engineering. Eynav is an innovator and thought leader in the Business Intelligence and Data market.