Keyrus at BDA - Big Data Analytics Conference

    Keyrus are excited to be exhibiting at this years' Whitehall Media Big Data Analytics Conference, taking place on 9th November at Victoria
    Park Plaza, London

    We are pleased to have been a part of numerous stand-out data and analytics events this year with BDA promising to be another exhilarating
    day exhibiting the latest in Big Data Analytics innovations.

    As predicted, Artificial Intelligence has been a common theme across most events that Keyrus have been involved with over the course of
    the year. However, despite the exciting possibilities that the technology offers many companies aren’t well placed to take full advantage. 
    Over the course of November's BDA Conference Keyrus will be showcasing how data-driven organisations are using AI to gain a competitive
    , with a small series of demonstrations underpinned by AI, Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning.

    Whether you’re interested in learning how AI can give your organisation a competitive advantage or just starting your journey to become
    more data-driven
    , please join us on November 9th to find out more.

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