Webinar: Are you ready for AI? Using AI and Machine Learning in todays digital economy

    Are you ready for AI? Using AI & Machine Learning in todays Digital Economy 

    Reflecting on what were two fantastic events at this years' BDA UK & Big Data LDN conferences, Keyrus will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday 13th December, recapping all of our talks and demonstrations including:

    - Building an intelligent Natural Language Bot 
    - Using AI to build an Omni-Channel Dashboard 
    - Facial Recognition product recommendation kiosk 
    - Twitter Streaming Sentiment Analysis 
    - Using supervised Machine Learning for Fraud Analytics 

    Over the course of both conferences including 7 talks at Big Data LDN, Keyrus showcased the latest in AI, Machine Learning & Advanced Analytics technology demonstrating how organisations are using these technologies to keep a competitive edge. 

    Whether you missed us and would like to learn how you can begin reaping the benefits of AI or would just like a recap, please join us on December 13th! 

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