Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

    Keyrus and Squirro are excited to be sponsoring this years’ Gartner data and analytics summit on 19-21st of March. Year on year the Gartner summit looks to the future of data and analytics, covering the industry’s hottest topics, giving attendees insight into what it takes to maintain a competitive edge in today’s digital era.

    Attending the Summit has become almost an essential for data and analytics leaders and practitioners to stay on top of the most important trends in the market. Catering towards those from both IT and Business orientated positions, there is value for all attendees who see the value that data holds in a business’ competitive future.

    Sharing Gartner’s vision, Keyrus and Squirro will be joining this year’s conference discussing the importance of analysing Big Data from a variety of formats in order to maintain a competitive edge in today’s digital era. Today only 1% of any company’s data is actually used, leaving 99% unstructured. Yet organisations still often underestimate the importance of making use of this huge percentage of actionable information. Whether it’s failing to keep on top of high level customer engagement, difficulties in sourcing new opportunities before competition does, or an inability to gain crucial customer insights from the plethora of information sources available; gaining a complete, single view of data across all sources and formats and being able to generate AI-driven recommendations from all available data across the organisation is incremental in todays’ information age.

    Given this, we invite you to join us at our booth where we’ll be demonstrating how major organisations are using Squirro’s AI-driven insights solutions to transform and turn unstructured data into actionable insights.

    To book a time slot with a member of our team during the conference, please click the link below.

    Meet Us At Gartner