The digital revolution has profoundly shaken up the behavior of consumers, forcing traditional distribution players to question their positioning. Henceforth they are having to challenge traditional distribution channels if they are to continue to reach, and gain the loyalty of, the customer, who has become more and more demanding and volatile.

The major retailers, be they general or specialist, must differentiate themselves :

  • By shifting from a multi-channel distribution model to an omnichannel model.
  • By making "their points of sale" evolve into "delivery centers"
  • By digitalizing and mastering the shift from "consumer" to "customer".

Consulting and technologies expertise dedicated to helping the main players in distribution and Digital Commerce enhance their performance

With numerous client references in this sector, Keyrus possesses dual know-how, both business and technological, developed with the major names in distribution, retail and online commerce. This experience of mass distribution and Digital Commerce enables the Group to help its clients effectively and in an innovative manner :

  • By strengthening their ability to anticipate and adapt in the face of their ultracompetitive environment.
  • By developing a culture of performance at all levels of their organization and applying the most effective cost control.
  • By analyzing the profile of the clientele in a detailed manner in order to gain its loyalty more effectively.

Keyrus's offering principally concerns three areas :

Personalize the Customer journey : utilize and valorize the "mass" of data

  • Personalization of the user experience.
  • Insight into the user via analysis using Big Data.
  • Definition and implementation of an omnichannel strategy - sales, marketing, customer retention.
  • Implementation of relational programs.

Optimize the processes : improve the customer's omnichannel experience and optimize operational processes

  • Creation of platforms for exchanging information and collaborating with suppliers.
  • Business and functional analytical applications : supply chain, upstream and downstream flows, Marketing, Pricing, Finance…
  • E-marketing strategy around Web 2.0 technologies.
  • Back-office and front-office by Reporting.

Develop Digital Commerce : support the move to Digital

  • Advice on Digital Strategies – brand platform, Web strategy…
  • Implementation of e-Marketing levers : Big Data, Webanalytics - Omniture, Xiti, Unica… -, e-Reputation, Community Management…
  • Development of sales-aid tools so as to facilitate the launch of new offerings onto the market.
  • Development of the front-office for quicker access to the market.