Keyrus Aviator is an end to end cloud analytics service to help companies move their analytics environments to the cloud.

Increasing numbers of companies are looking to take advantage of cloud environments like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform but transitioning from an on premises environment can be challenging for any IT team. Keyrus Aviator helps companies transition into the cloud utilizing existing software investments and allowing access to a broader range of analytical tools and services for storing, integrating and analyzing data.

Increasing numbers of businesses are using cloud services like Salesforce, Marketo, Intacct and Google Analytics as knowledge workers are growing accustomed to being able to do more in their browsers.        

To help users conduct more analytics in their browsers, Keyrus Aviator helps companies safely and securely move their entire analytics environment to the cloud. By reducing the need for users to download a BI tool to their desktop, companies can increase the adoption of analytics to become more data driven in every business unit.

Keyrus Aviator provides technical expertise for development, integration and training to help companies spend more time focusing on their core business and get off to a flying start in the cloud.