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Keyrus is an international player in the transformation and performance of companies. It sets out to position itself as a strategic partner for its clients, assisting them in analysing and valorizing their data and developing and mastering their digital experience. 

An expert in Consulting and Technologies, Keyrus creates levers that generate value, thus helping its clients take up the challenges linked to their transformation and performance.

Keyrus celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2016. See the film.

About Keyrus US

Keyrus in the US is a specialist data analytics consultancy firm.

International specialist in the convergence of Data and Digital, the Keyrus Group decided in June 2016 to operate under its Keyrus brand in New York City by re-branding its subsidiaries Vision.BI and BIPB together to form Keyrus US.

This tie-up and re-branding are part of the Keyrus Group's increased focus on North America. With the added presence of Keyrus Canada in Montreal, Keyrus is well positioned to achieve rapid growth in the North American market.

Keyrus US now proposes a wider offering of Data services to its clients including advisory and implementation services, in the fields of Data Engineering, Data Discovery and Data Science. Amongst the products now offered by Keyrus US are notably Rivery® for easy connectivity to Cloud systems and quilliup® for data governance. 

We deliver services and turn-key projects using our three teams :


• Big Data solutions
• Data management strategy
• Data architecture
• Real-time solutions
• Data Integration
• Master Data Management
• Data Quality Management
• Data Performance


• Exploration and visualization
• Enterprise Business Intelligence
• Dashboards
• Self Service BI
• User experience
• Custom UI solutions


• Data Science consulting
• Machine Learning as a Service
• Predictive analytics
• Data-driven innovation

KEYRUS US Board of Directors


Managing Director


VP, Data Analytics

Keyrus offers enterprises two major lines of innovative and complementary services, in consulting and technologies.

The proposed content and approaches are perfectly suited to the strategic and economic context of today's world.

Assessment, implementation, and upgrading of innovative technological solutions

  • Data Intelligence (BI, Big Data Analytics, EPM)
  • Digital experience (Digital commerce and Omni-channel, eCRM, Web Performance, etc.)

Consulting intended for the major departments and business functions of the enterprise

  • Strategy and Transformation
  • Management and Organization
  • Digital Strategies
  • Performance Management (Functional/Sectoral)

The Keyrus Group

An international player in performance management consultancy and technologies. Keyrus is a specialist in performance management consulting and the integration of innovative technological solutions in the Data and Digital fields.

Over the last twenty years, the Group has developed its expertise and skills in helping companies to optimize their performance and meet the challenges linked to their transformation.

Keyrus's mission statement

"To help organizations improve their performance and profitability by analyzing and valorizing Data and mastering Digital."

The Keyrus Group's mission is clear, simple and ambitious: it consists of implementing innovative organization, architectures and technological solutions for performance management.

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Keyrus's vision

Keyrus seeks to be the benchmark player among Data Intelligence and Digital specialists in the fields of the governance, management, and transformation of organizations.

Today's digital revolution generates an exponential flow of data within a company. In this constantly evolving environment, all economic players across all sectors find themselves confronted with new challenges. Faced with this major breaking point, Keyrus intends to pursue its strategy by capitalizing on its genetic origin: a strong positioning in data control and valorization, management consulting, and digital and omni-channel strategies.

Advantages that make the difference.

A Group that is both solid and agile 

Founded in 1996 and listed on the Euronext Eurolist since 2000, Keyrus recorded revenues of €257.4M in 2017. With 3000 employees, the Group offers the security and rigour of a mature professional services company, and at the same time, the flexibility and dynamism of a daring young enterprise.

A well established international dimension

Beyond its presence in the French-speaking markets (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada and Switzerland), Keyrus is also established in Spain and in the rapidly growing geographic zones of Brazil and China. In addition, Keyrus has offices in Tunisia and Mauritius, with offshore delivery and R&D capabilities. The Group also has a technological innovation platform in Israel.


A decision-making center that is close to clients

Clear governance guidelines that are shared by all managers in the Group, along with extremely fast decision-making circuits enable Keyrus to offer their clients the highest levels of availability and responsiveness.

Values and a culture shared by all

Keyrus has a strong corporate culture based on the fundamental values of service quality, the honoring of commitments, team spirit, a culture of innovation, and diversity at the heart of HR policy. Values that make Keyrus unique and a partner for its clients.

Re-live the highlights of Keyrus's history over the past 20 years.


Creation and development of a Business Intelligence and e-Business specialist firm


Stock market listing and strong international development


A phase of consolidation and development of the Keyrus Business Model


Expertise development in BI, Digital in the fields of Big, Analytics and Data Science


Development of a unique value proposition based on Data Intelligence and Digital

A forerunner in the Business Intelligence and Internet fields, Keyrus has, in less than two decades, succeeded in elevating itself to the rank of one of the top international experts in performance management consulting and the integration of Data and Digital technologies.

1996-1999 Creation and development of a Business Intelligence and e-Business specialist firm

  • A true trailblazer, Keyrus detected in the emerging decision-making and Internet software the tremendous strategic potential for the development of companies. Thus, from the very start, Keyrus specialized in the fields of Business Intelligence and e-Business.
  • From 1997, Keyrus went international with the creation of a branch in Canada.
  • A Contract Research Organization (CRO) activity named Keyrus Biopharma was established, working in the pharmaceutical industry.

2000-2006 Stock market listing and strong international development

  • In 2000, the company was listed on NYSE Euronext Paris.
  • The acquisition of Cyborg, a reference player in consulting and the integration of ERP- and CRM-type integrated management systems in the SME sector.
  • The Group achieved revenues of €100m and exceeded the 1,000 employee mark.
  • Keyrus developed its external growth strategy by purchasing some ten companies in France and abroad: North and South America, Europe and Africa.

2007-2011 A phase of consolidation and development of the Keyrus Business Model

  • Moving from a mainly time/cost-based provision of expertise to undertaking many fixed-price projects.
  • The launch of high-level upstream consultancy activities in Management Consulting (Keyrus Management: Strategy, Management and Organization - 2011) and Digital (Spikly: Digital Strategies - 2009).
  • Setting up of operations by the Group on a fourth continent, in China, to accompany large corporations in the deployment of their Business Intelligence and e-Commerce international projects.

2012-2014 Expertise development in BI, Digital in the fields of Big, Analytics and Data Science

  • Following the acquisition in late 2011 of the Israeli firm,, specialists in Big Data Analytics software, Keyrus has actively developed its BI and digital expertise in analytical and Big Data solutions, further differentiating itself from competitors and increasing the value of its offering. 
  • Keyrus has reinforced its business expertise in the health and social protection (acquisition of the Kadris firm) and market finance (launch of Keyrus Capital Markets) sectors. The Group has developed its acquisition of BIPB by acquiring a majority interest in the strategy and management consultancy firm, Kadris.
  • The École polytechnique engineering school and Keyrus, in partnership with Orange and Thales, have created a chair to train Data Scientists.

2015-2016 Development of a unique value proposition based on Data Intelligence and Digital

  • Affirmation of Keyrus's positioning as an international player and specialist in the fields of Data Intelligence, Digital Experience and Consulting on the Management & Transformation of enterprises. Complete redesign of the brand's visual identity at the level of the Group and its subsidiaries.
  • Signing of the partnership between Keyrus, Crédit Agricole S.A., Télécom ParisTech and the Singularity University for the launch of the first “Global Impact Competition” in France.
  • Strengthening throughout last two years of Keyrus's involvement in the ecosystem of innovative start-ups.