Welcome to Keyrus

Joining Keyrus gives you the opportunity to reveal your talents and potential, as you take part in the strategic, operational and technological projects of the largest French and international enterprises.

It also places you at the heart of innovation, letting you benefit from the expertise of an international player in Data Intelligence, Digital and Management and enterprise Transformation consulting.

It allows you to evolve in a multicultural, exciting and formative environment where attention is paid daily to your development – both professional and personal – in order to enrich and boost your career.

Finally, it enables you to become part of an international group which promotes mobility, diversity of backgrounds and sharing of experience so that each individual constantly learns and progresses.

Rebecca MEIMOUM, Human Resources Director 

Job offers and internships

The Keyrus Group is recruiting 1000 employees worlwide in 2019




Keyrus is a growing company with a strategic vision; there’s room for professional growth. My colleagues are creative, intelligent, and collaborative and the projects currently underway across the company are unique and interesting.

Hannah Curtis, Consultant - Keyrus US

I enjoy working for a smaller company. At large firms there is red tape everywhere you turn, while at BIPB it is possible to forge your own path day to day. In my experience, presenting new business ideas to management often results in getting the green light to move forward so quickly that I feel sheepish for not arriving prepared with a plan to lead implementation!

Scott Hanrahan, US Operations Manager - Keyrus US

I am particularly proud to lead our technical stream and to influence our delivery teams on a daily basis. I’m also pleased that our fusion of Microsoft Kinect and QlikView in 2011 is still talked about today; this technical first is still sighted as just one example of how pioneering Keyrus can be.

Adam Vaughan, Product Strategy Director -Keyrus US

The fact that working for Keyrus requires more than just one certain skill set. You have to be dynamic and know about both aspects (the business and the information systems) to provide the best solution.

Kevin Maroney, Management Consultant - Keyrus US