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Keyrus launches quilliup®, a high-performance data governance platform, to make decision-making more reliable.

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An international player in the fields of Data Intelligence (Business Intelligence, Big Data Analytics) and Digital, and a Consultant in the Management and Transformation of enterprises, Keyrus announces the launch of quilliup®, a high-performance data governance platform, open to Cloud and Big Data architectures and designed to help enterprises improve the quality of their data with a view to increasing the reliability of their decision-making.


To meet the exponential need to control data quality, Keyrus, through its Research & Development Center based in Israel, has developed a new, turn-key suite called quilliup®, which enables enterprises to swiftly put in place the control processes necessary for the effective governance of their data, with unrivalled performance, notably in terms of processing speed.

A cross-cutting vision essential for the consistency and constancy of data

Whilst the problem of data quality is not new, it ranks today among the principal, even strategic, concerns of enterprises having to cope with the data explosion in the era of Big Data. According to a recent study, more than 83% of enterprises think that this lack of reliability is directly affecting their revenues1, by causing them to take decisions based on incorrect data, with adverse and often very costly consequences for them.

“With the development of the Cloud and Big Data, the number of data sources is exploding and, quite logically and foreseeably, the problem is growing”, comments Cyril Cohen Solal, VP International Innovation at Keyrus. “Enterprises are losing that cross-cutting and overall vision of their data, and this is causing errors of analysis and also entailing growing maintenance costs as they try to put it right.”

To address this problem, Keyrus is proposing, with quilliup®, the only solution on the market that brings together operational and Business Intelligence systems and gives enterprises an exhaustive, cross-cutting vision for managing the consistency and conformity of all their data effectively.

Innovative, and designed around the market’s latest technologies (Google AngularJS, Java distributed parallel mechanism …), quilliup® makes it possible to simultaneously compare an
1 Experian Marketing Services Study, Data Quality Survey 2015
infinite number of sources at a singularly high speed, making it an appropriate solution today, notably for Analytics and Big Data processing.

A comprehensive and rapidly operational suite quilliup® comprises two modules :

  • Quality gates®is a centralized and non-intrusive module for managing and improving the quality and consistency of the enterprise’s data by connecting to all data sources and easily creating control rules and alerts.
  • Reference data admin® facilitates the management of complementary data in a simple and safe way, notably using personalized applications and forms enabling data and access rights to be validated, whilst also improving the user experience.

The quilliup® suite meets the needs of business users as well as it does those of the IT department, which can now rely on data that is more precise, consistent and complete.

Building on tried-and-tested experience in the implementation of Data Intelligence projects, the designers of quilliup® have striven to create an innovative platform which is at the same time:

  • Simple and rapidly operational: quilliup® can be deployed on average 5 times more quickly than traditional systems, thanks, notably, to a whole set of ‘wizards’ developed on the basis of the market’s best practices.
  • Business user-oriented: quilliup® has been developed to give business functions as much autonomy as possible in relation to their complementary data. To achieve this, quilliup® has an intuitive and centralized interface that visually displays control and automatic alert indicators, enabling business users to ensure the quality of their data in real time.
  • Big Data ready! : quilliup® manages very large volumes of data by spreading processing across several parallel servers, and thus acts as an ideal support solution for new analytical tools and applications.

“Our clients estimate the gains at 30% in terms of reduced IT department maintenance costs and 80% in terms of time saved by business users, who no longer have to perform manual checks”, adds Sivan Preiskel, Product Manager, International R&D at the Keyrus Group.

Major companies such as Veolia, Le Parisien and Telefonica have already chosen quilliup® to provide their data governance and quickly put in place controls enhancing the value of their Business Intelligence systems.

“Thanks to quilliup®’s quality gates® solution, we are able today to detect data quality problems automatically and correct them ahead of the relevant phase”, declares Laurent Huon, Performance Management Program Director at Veolia Water Information Systems. “quality gates® gives us an overall and comprehensive vision of the state of health of our Information System.”




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