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BIPB races to help Caterham F1 team

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As many Formula 1 fans will know, with just two races left of the season, the iconic British F1 team, Caterham, went into administration. After battling on with a fraction of the budget of their larger rivals, it looked like Caterham’s season had come to an early end but with the help of BIPB, and others, they might still be racing again in Abu Dhabi, the final Grand Prix of the season.

Caterham have launched an ambitious crowdfunding campaign through which BIPB has committed to sponsor the team through putting our logo on the car. Further to this, we know that F1, is one of the most data driven sports out there so we’re offering the Caterham F1 Team access to some of our brightest Business Intelligence Analysts to help make sense of the vast amounts of data the teams need to analyse. We want to make sure they can get the absolute most out of their cars in the final race.

We would love to see Caterham finish the season and stay in F1 for years to come. Through their crowdfunding campaign, we all have the opportunity to do our part. If you’d like to see how you can support Caterham too, visit: https://www.crowdcube.com/caterham/

Follow the progress on twitter at #RefuelCaterhamF1 and of course, check out more on how BIPB are helping Caterham and could help solve your data challenges at http://bipb.com