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Premier League Dashboard

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Integrating Structured & Unstructured Data – for greater insight

BIPB, the global Big Data and analytics consulting firm, are pleased to release their 2014/15 dashboard for the Premier League season, in conjunction with Squirro.

BIPB’s experienced QlikView consultants, working with Squirro have put their skills to work building a simple to use, easily understandable QlikView dashboard

You can now analyse the league as never before – by team, match, player or even referee. Pair this with the latest news feeds on your data selections to manage your fantasy football team to victory.



Gain insight into team performance vs the number of English players, track who’s got the highest goals/match, check which position on the pitch is scoring the most goals and much more.

BIPB’s respected data visualisation consultants jumped at the chance to provide you with easily digestible insight into this season’s Premiership and with the help of Squirro, to not only provide the data but show a smart filtered, relevant news and social media stream for the latest updates.

Squirro’s smart filtering brings live information to you and combines the ‘what’ match data with the ‘why’ news stories.

Visit The Premier League Application  to explore and analyse the performance of your favourite team!



About BIPB

BIPB is a specialist Big Data and Analytics firm with an established and growing global presence.

Its team of experts provide an end-to-end service from technology selection advisory through to solution retirement and migration. It aims to help people and organisations make better data-driven decisions in an increasingly complex environment, serving clients in the UK, United States, South Africa, Singapore, and France.

To better serve international clients with a global outlook, BIPB founded the Business Intelligence Experts Alliance (www.biexall.com), an organisation that promotes best practice in Big Data and Analytics solutions through collaboration across the leading specialists in the industry.

About Squirro

Squirro is the leader in Context Intelligence, combining structured and unstructured data to provide the ‘Why’ behind the data. Context turns data points into a story.

Squirro delivers a personalized, real-time contextual stream directly to your workplace. It’s based on Squirro’s digital fingerprint technology connecting personal interests and workflows while learning and refining as user interactions increase.

Squirro enables you to curate a self-learning 360° context radar natural to use in any enterprise system.