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1st quarter 2017 revenues: €63.2m

    1st quarter 2017 revenues: €63.2m

    Q1 growth: +18.3%

    The Keyrus Group achieved revenues of 63.2 million euros in the first quarter of 2017, an increase of 18.3% as compared with the first quarter of 2016. At constant structure and exchange rates, the growth was 16.0%, and was driven by both Large Account and Mid-Market activities.

    Large Account activities grew by 18.0% in comparison with the first quarter of 2016 (+15.6% at constant structure and exchange rates). This growth was spurred by the Group's three business spheres: Data Intelligence, Digital Experience, and Management & Transformation, and is the product of investments made in the last two years to strengthen the commercial and marketing functions and enrich the portfolio of offerings and solutions. These investments will be pursued and extended with, notably, the development of group governance for international key accounts and a Corporate team to help all Group countries achieve the objectives set by the Keyrus 2020 strategic plan.

    Mid-Market activities also saw their revenues post exceptional growth in this quarter, with an increase of 19.5% as compared with the first quarter of 2016 (+17.6% at constant structure and exchange rates). This record growth is not only due to the resumption of work linked to the new DSN (Nominative Social Declaration/Déclaration Sociale Nominative) regulations, but also results from strong sales growth for all of Absys Cyborg's business lines: Services, Licences, and Maintenance.  These activities remain promising for the current financial year, although one should not expect such a level of growth to be maintained over the coming quarters.

    Going forward in the 2017 financial year, Eric Cohen, President and CEO, comments:

    "We have turned in a very good first quarter, with Keyrus both working on a growing number of projects and increasingly being referenced as an approved supplier to clients around our "core business" offerings in BI, Big Data, Data Science, and the Digital Experience sphere, supported by our Management and Transformation Consulting activities. Spurred on by constant innovation in preparation for the future, Keyrus's business model continues to roll out, as much in France as internationally, accompanied by an ambitious recruitment plan. Moreover, several acquisition projects are currently being considered. In this context, we remain confident for the current financial year, whilst at the same time taking care to manage the growth/profitability mix appropriately."

    Keyrus will hold its Annual General Meeting on 19 May 2017 and will publish its second quarter revenues on 27 July 2017 after market close.

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