• American car manufacturer

    Reorganization of the Marketing and communications department, definition of the organizational structure, review of necessary skills linked to the evolution of business functions towards digital channels, establishment of the coordination processes and routines to apply internally and with partner agencies.

  • Digital sciences and technologies player

    The National IT and Automatism Research Institute (l’Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatisme) has recently changed its identity, becoming "Inria, inventor of the digital world". Keyrus assists Inria in the emergence of the new brand and of its "transfer of innovation" offering to French businesses: positioning, site creation, community animation.

  • Electricity transmission group

    Define the functional requirements for HR reporting (headcount, sick leave, compensation, internal mobility, training plan adherence, recruitment, ...) and define and deploy the change management strategy.

  • Energy sector leader

    Third-party application maintenance services for management applications relating to nuclear power plant civil engineering and using the JAVA EE and SAP BI technologies. The services are performed in compliance with the service levels defined in the contract. The scope of involvement includes maintaining the applications in operational condition and creating upgrade batches in fixed-price project mode.

  • Energy sector leader

    Opportunity study on smart cities.

  • Energy sector leader

    Operational maintenance (MDO) of HR data center applications (HRIC) and HR authorization service (HRHS) for the Group, involving the streamlining of the HRIS’ upstream applications. Implementation of reporting services, analysis services, and the mass publication of reports and dashboards.

  • European financial services group

    Redesign of the Carrières website for all of the group's sites around the world. Installation of a study phase (on/offline mix, including five countries with a qualitative study and ten countries with a quantitative study), monitoring of a functional and graphical recommendation phase, design of the new artistic direction of the Carrières site - qualitative pretest on creating and managing users, full technical development of the site.

  • European financial services group

    Delivering Consulting services to the managers in charge of digital strategy and customer relations in order to prioritize, scope and deploy the portfolio of digital projects (creation of new online services, improvement of the customer experience). Providing assistance with all stages of project launches (strategic scoping, advisability study including the business case, monitoring implementation with all contributors..).

  • European Major Town

    Definition and support in the selection of a solution for the management and staffing of budgeting (GEB project) on behalf of the HR department for this international city as part of an overall redesign and centralization of decision support environments.

  • Healthcare and provident mutual fund

    Put into place a solution allowing it to have at its disposal a cost accounting system based on the ABC ('Activity-based Costing') method.

  • Insurance Group

    In the context of the "Loi Evin", the design under SAS technology of a new tool enabling customer results accounts to be automatically calculated and generated.

  • International banking group

    Rates Parameters and Model Control Department, independent verification of the valuation of the front office from external market informations (Totem, Collateral, Bloomberg, Brokers, etc), methodologies and calculation of reserves specifically on structured products, quantifying the uncertainty of the value of certain parameters, certain pricing models or certain market conditions, calculating the consideration of credit risk on the valuation, models calibration.

  • International Beverages Distributor

    Deployment of a financial reporting and budgeting software solution: definition of a Roadmap to determine the scope of each phase of the project, definition of the technical and functional specifications, iterative work by modelling to check that the needs match the target populations, deployment of the application software, acceptance and training.

  • International car manufacturer

    Improving commercial opportunities through client knowledge, identifying the 20 pieces of client data to gather, the Customer Master Record, defining the multi-channel client classification plan.

  • International car manufacturer

    Audit and Search Engine Optimization study on the Internet sites of this automobile manufacturer. Analysis of traffic, optimization of search engine referencing and drafting of strategic recommendations to have deployed by the brand's interactive agencies.

  • International car manufacturer

    Support the design of the sales strategy and marketing tools, enabling a reduction in time to market. Design, develop and deploy change management (training and communication) in the different countries, coordinate the implementation.

  • International car manufacturer

    Creation of a custom performance solution, using QlikView technology and 'BI on Demand', for managing enterprise services, deployed to 12 countries. This solution now allows this automotive Group to standardize its cost/quality indicators.

  • International corporate banking player

    « Vision Sortie du Risque » Project in the Group Risk Department: monitoring transactions to fit the “originate to distribute“ strategy, monitoring outstanding impacted by these transactions (final weight in the total risk), definition of type indicators "net economic exposure guarantees", restitution of informations through the credit portal with a view by counterparty, loading and centralization of informations in Fermat software and in the enterprise database.

  • International energy group

    Full maintenance of the decision support system, implementation of a Third-Party Maintenance (TMD) process for operational maintenance, organization and call monitoring, implementation of management dashboards for various organizational departments within the Group.

  • International hotel and catering group

    Ergonomic and creative re-design for the hotel reservation gateway. The current "mobile first"-oriented design made it possible to define better user journeys involving all consultation terminals. Creation of a complete digital graphic charter for the site and all associated digital supports.

  • International hotel and catering group

    Conception of an online application for generating commercial presentations. A tool which enables the easy creation, on the fly, of quality, homogenous presentations personalised for their clients.

  • International Major City

    Support the transformation of the Prevention & Protection Department (1500 people): conduct a very large impact study to assess the feasibility of an increased territorialization of the department, moderate seminars with groups from 10 to 200 people, regular communication with main stakeholders.

  • International pharmaceuticals group

    Development opportunities with connected objects.

  • Leader in Energy

    Strategic framework associated with Product Lifecycle Management : Conducting of seminars dedicated to strategic analysis and positioning, market studies, analysis of competitor positioning, weighing up of Building Information Management markets and players, business Case and decision dossier for Senior Management.

  • Leader in Energy Management

    Analysis of the Building Information Management market.

  • Leading international energy player

    Assisting with the definition and implementation of a digitalization strategy around a BIM (Building Information Management) project. A comprehensive assistance assignment (market studies, analysis of competitors' positioning, guaging of markets, organization of awareness seminars for Group management).

  • Leading pharmaceutical industry player

    Study on the impact of new merchandising in pharmacies, defining the study methodology (mix between quanti, quali and online), drafting 3 different questionnaires: customers, pharmacist and animation script, analyzing and summarizing the results and defining recommended actions.

  • Leading pharmaceutical industry player

    MDM Opportunity Study in the context of a Finance / Supply Chain ERP re-design Perimeter and Concepts: Products, projects, suppliers, finance business repositories. Contributions : Support for the ERP initiative and urbanization of the IS. Identification of critical areas of data for the organization, assessment of semantics and the trajectory for subjecting data to monitoring.

  • Leading player in the private media sector

    Diagnosis and recommendations on improving the handling of complaints in customer centers, diagnosis of the existing practices for the handling of customer complaints (multi channel, front and back office), identifying the major axes of improvement in order to optimize the management of the complaints (organization, processes, coordination, etc.), identifying the first actionable drivers to implement.

  • Major document management group

    Conduct a market study on vertical business process outsourcing (retail, banking, insurance, health care, etc.) : describe the ecosystem per activity segment, evaluate the size of each market and the make projections for the next 5 years, qualify the market opportunities, make strategic and operational recommendations (roadmap).

  • Major document management group

    Design, creation and production of an online tool for presenting a collection of offerings aimed at very small businesses / small- and medium-sized businesses. An interface designed with a rationale of attracting visitors by addressing professional needs and steering them towards a telephone-based commercial relationship.

  • Major energy group

    Conception and implementation of the IBM COGNOS/TM1 solution for budget preparation and production management and monitoring to make it easier for agencies to have at their disposal production analysis tables enabling forecasting and management by targets.

  • Major French bank

    Logical architecture Big Data warehouse roadmap.

  • Major French bank

    Acceptance of the counterparty risk calculation library on market transactions. Functional acceptance of new versions of the library on exposures of CA-CIB. Restitution of new risk indicators in the intranet portal of the Bank and files generated by the tools of DRCOM to downstream systems.

  • Major insurance group

    Lead generation in the life insurance industry by leveraging external data.

  • Major media group

    Detailed analysis of the role and responsibility of the controlling department : organization, processes, information systems and its alignment with the strategic objectives. Analyze the activities from the perspective of the value chain with a focus on customers and develop a dashboard for the following areas: Commercial, Finance, HR, Internal Processes.

  • Major media group

    Design and creation of a multi-device interface dedicated to youth programs. The application, devised for mobiles, tablets, connected TV and of course the Web, proposes more than 150 episodes of cartoons. The interactivity has been designed both for parents and children, including gamification and social interaction thinking.

  • Major player in the Contruction sector

    Scoping, design and implementation of the business repository of VINCI Group entities. Harmonization of the business vocabulary, introduction of governance for the collaborative administration of the Group's entities, limitation of impact on working habits, communication with VINCI players and raising of their awareness, support for fiscal dematerialization.

  • Major player in the Industrial sector

    Valuation of IT assets: develop an operational action plan for the divestment of certain activities to an industrial investor, the scope of the engagement includes defining a sourcing strategy ensuring the stability of applications and infrastructure while minimizing costs to the selling party.

  • Major player in the Media sector

    Support decision-making of marketing tactics. Historical and predictive analyses of customer behavior aiming at increasing the ROI and diminishing after-sales servicing costs.

  • Major player in the Telecommunications sector

    Installation of a sales analysis application to consolidate data from different systems and thoroughly analyse discrepancies and trends among multiple users. The latter can now assess commercial and marketing performance per product line / geography / entity.

  • Major retail group

    Re-design of the organizational model by the centralization of support functions, in particular for marketing activities, Steering of the project, coordinating and contributing to the production of organizational and IS targets, business case and change management in the countries concerned.

  • Major retail group

    Support provided to the finance department in the implementation of a solution for standardizing the development of five-year strategies for the leading DIY company.

  • Major services group

    Study into practices and sales performance in mobile telephony at the points of sale, benchmark on 4 networks and the post offices, qualitative and quantitative study conducted with customers exiting from the point of sale as well as a mystery customer study, analysis and recommendations.

  • Major services group

    Mid-Market positioning strategy. Keyrus Management assisted the digital branch of the Group in defining its roadmap for the development of an online services platform for the mid-market clientele (intermediate-sized enterprises and small- and medium-sized enterprises), as well as for the segment comprising Professionals and very small enterprises. The analyses made it possible to identify the sectors of activity to be addressed as a priority and the ranges of services to be proposed, and to evaluate revenue potential in a business plan. A specific business unit was created in parallel, for which we helped the client define the organizational structure.

  • Major services group

    In the context of the implementation of a tool for the Steering and Analysis of sales and commercial performance in France, Coliposte wanted to use the Qlikview technology in order to provide salespeople and managers with a simple and intuitive tool to analyze indicators and aid decision-making.

  • Major transport group

    Functional design, creation and development of the new Intranet intended for travel agents, in order to facilitate information searches thanks to a powerful engine, organize content with a clear and effective redefined tree structure and optimize site performance. Re-integration of existing content. Deployment of a system of usable statistics on user connections, this being a reference for incentives by sales agents.

  • Mass retailing group

    Creation of a Business Intelligence master plan, assistance with choice of tools, compilation of a dictionary of indicators for general management, and several detailed documents: BI architecture, Data Exchanges, and assistance with choosing reporting tools and SID development methodology.

  • North American Financial Institution

    Implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution to optimize the management and analysis of the institution’s client portfolio.