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Keyrus South Africa partners with Datapult

    In the modern era of big data and advanced analytics, the importance of storing and effectively leveraging an enterprise's information has grown exponentially. Despite this, the traditional data warehouse environment remains one that is fraught with problems, such as budgetary and time constraints, since it is inevitably a bespoke solution, requiring plenty of maintenance, which in turn takes both time and money to keep operating smoothly.

    Regardless of these challenges, the concept of the data warehouse has never been more necessary, since it is more crucial than ever to be able to integrate data from multiple sources that support analytical reporting and data analysis, and to build meaningful business and analytical intelligence.

    This is where Datapult comes in, according to Greg Guye, CEO at Keyrus South Africa, as it offers a solution that can improve time-to-market and reduce the costs of preparing data for analysis significantly.

    “Keyrus SA is pleased to announce its partnership with Datapult, which means the company will now be able to offer customers a solution that enables the rapid build of a data warehouse, one that centralises the entirety of a company's business data, facilitating swift analytics and ensuing data-inspired insights for all business users,” he says.

    Guye describes Datapult as a revolutionary enterprise data warehouse builder that significantly improves time-to-market, by removing custom programming, SQL coding and Extract, Transfer and Load (ETL) package writing, thereby cutting out the risk and the time to market issues.

    “We are well aware that Datapult provides a trustworthy solution in mere days, instead of months and it operates in real-time, as a Datapult data warehouse is in synch to the minute. Therefore, Keyrus SA looks forward to introducing this unique solution to its customers.”

    He explains further that Keyrus SA has a strong reputation in the implementation of business intelligence (BI) solutions that require analytics-ready data, having already assisted numerous large corporations in the IT, financial services and fast-moving consumer goods industries with such tools. He points out that by adding the Datapult to its set of solutions, Keyrus now has a tool that will get the data ready for use by the BI solutions Keyrus SA offers in a reliable and fast manner.

    “Last year, Keyrus SA signed several key partnership agreements in the BI space. Not only did we ally ourselves with Solver to deliver the BI360 solution, which provides world-class financial reporting, budgeting and analysis to improve decision-making and productivity, but also with Trifacta.”

    The latter, continues Guye, is a company that offers data wrangling solutions to clients who are seeking the highest level of data analyses and visualisation. Trifacta developed a breakthrough approach to exploring and preparing data that leverages the latest techniques in data visualisation, machine learning, human-computer interaction and data processing.

    “Datapult is the latest string added to our bow, designed to improve time-to-market and curtail the costs involved when preparing data for analysis, mining, machine learning and reporting. What Datapult's dynamic warehouse does is it transforms data optimised for a heavy transactional system and transfers it to one that is better suited for analytic querying. In this way, it enables business users to query read-only optimised databases and return business intelligence-rich results for extremely large datasets, and it does so with blisteringly fast response times.”

    “By adding this solution to the numerous other BI-related offerings we already have, Keyrus SA has further honed its reputation as a leader in this space. What Datapult adds to our offering is that it provides users with a central source of truth, while at the same time reducing both cost and length of time taken, and – just as crucially – boosting stability and trust,” he concludes.


    published at ITWeb