• AB InBev

    Several projects in all AB InBev operating zones, successfully deploying new governance and technology to support the Performance Management cycle (Budgeting / Tracking & Monitoring / Forecasting). The various streams span across the full P&L: Revenue and Marginal Contribution, Overhead (ZBB), Customer / Product / Market profitability, Production and Supply costs. Keyrus has supported AB InBev end-to-end: design of analytical models, process and organisation optimisation, tool design and deployment, project and change management.

  • AG Insurance

    Mapping of the risks of fraud existing within the organization.

  • Air France KLM

    Creation of new services around air travel definition of the processes linked to these new services (marketing, sales, delivery, management), expressions of needs and functional and technical specifications, assistance with the choice of tool, development, testing, acceptance testing and deployment of the tool, design of the training portfolios and provision of the training, assistance with deployment, coordination and management of the project.

  • Airtime Distributor

    Deployment of a Qlik dashboard and quantitative studies

  • Altarea Cogedim

    Assistance with defining and developing the omnichannel strategy, launching an innovative system of digital terminals in several Parisian train stations and shopping centers, developing a digital factory enabling websites and mobile applications to be deployed for each of the shopping centers, launching innovative cross-channel services.

  • American car manufacturer

    Reorganization of the Marketing and communications department, definition of the organizational structure, review of necessary skills linked to the evolution of business functions towards digital channels, establishment of the coordination processes and routines to apply internally and with partner agencies.

  • Arezzo

    Design of a new multi-country (Brazil, USA) and multi-brand omnichannel e-commerce platform to optimize the user experience : assistance in developing the omnichannel strategy and during the migration towards the new platform, integration of the hybris solution.

  • Arkema

    Improving the management of Business Intelligence Information Systems by reorganizing support services and maintenance conducted on the client's site so as to transfer them to one of its BI Service Centers.

  • ARS

    Definition and deployment of a shared decision-making solution within the Regional Health Agencies for the regional management of hospitals and medico-social centres: creation and installation of the tools required to implement the platform, hosting, use and upgrade maintenance of the decision-making platform.

  • Aviapartner

    Implementation of corrective, adaptive, and scalable maintenance of the SAS Financial Management environment within AviaPartner's charter company's finance department in order to support the financial reporting and operational forecasting processes.

  • Avis Budget Group

    Define the IT strategy and roadmap to support the improvement of operations (fleet utilization rate, providing of vehicles, etc.) and standardize internal processes in a Shared Service Center. The management of repositories (Master Data Management) and the development of BI capacities are the two axes used to give operations a transversal and timely view on the activities.

  • Beverages Distributor

    Deployment of a financial reporting and budgeting software solution

  • Bradesco

    Definition and implementation of dashboards using QlikView intended for the management of the credit products of banking establishments. Making available a mobile information access solution for executive management.

  • Cache Cache

    Deployment of the foundations of the group's multi-channel strategy in Asia for roll-out in a short timeframe using hybris accelerator as the base. Multi-brand, multi-country and multi-channel design.

  • CFAO

    Analyze talent management processes and define the target processes: identify the needs and support the selection of a talent management solution, support the implementation of the tool.

  • CGR

    Integration of the hybris platform in a B2B context as part of the launch of a new e-Commerce website intended to capture new markets and increase revenues.

  • Digital sciences and technologies player

    The National IT and Automatism Research Institute (l’Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatisme) has recently changed its identity, becoming "Inria, inventor  of the digital world". Keyrus assists  Inria in the emergence of the new brand and of its "transfer of innovation" offering to French businesses: positioning, site creation, community animation.

  • Electricity transmission group

    Define the functional requirements for HR reporting (headcount, sick leave, compensation, internal mobility, training plan adherence, recruitment, ...) and define and deploy the change management strategy.

  • Energy sector leader

    Operational maintenance (MDO) of HR data center applications (HRIC) and HR authorization service (HRHS) for the Group, involving the streamlining of the HRIS’ upstream applications. Implementation of reporting services, analysis services, and the mass publication of reports and dashboards.

  • Energy sector leader

    Opportunity study on smart cities.

  • Energy sector leader

    Third-party application maintenance services for management applications relating to nuclear power plant civil engineering and using the JAVA EE and SAP BI technologies. The services are performed in compliance with the service levels defined in the contract. The scope of involvement includes maintaining the applications in operational condition and creating upgrade batches in fixed-price project mode.

  • Energy supplier

    Overhaul of the HR decision-making system: deployment of methods and tools for study, analysis and decision-making.

  • Eovi Mutuelle

    Opportunity Study for an MDM - SBA initiative. Validation of an MDM architecture, launch of a project to expose reference data. (Perimeter & Concepts: legal entities and private individuals (subscribers / Enterprises), Call Center / Search Based Application).

  • Food Industry leader

    Define the brand's mobile strategy, including:analyse all links is the value chain (pre-sale, sales, after-sales), benchmark the strategy with others in the European market, make strategic and operational recommendations (2012-2013 roadmap).

  • Food Industry leader

    Define the brand's mobile strategy, including: analyse all links is the value chain (pre-sale, sales, after-sales), benchmark the strategy with others in the South African market, make strategic and operational recommendations.

  • Food processing group

    Deployment of a set of overall Business Intelligence software solutions dedicated to activity reporting and intended for 450 end-users spread over three platforms of the food-processing group

  • Gas distributor

    SID maintenance: implementation of the TPM process for managing operational maintenance, the organization and traceability of calls received, and implementation of management dashboards for several operational departments in the gas distribution group.

  • Gas Distributor

    Design and implementation of the IBM COGNOS / TM1 solution for managing and monitoring production, budgeting and management reporting. Now, agencies can use production analyses for better anticipation and management by objectives.

  • Geoxia

    Definition of the overall webmarketing strategy, management of the implementation with the different service providers and reporting for the GEOXIA Group (Maisons PHENIX), a major player in real estate construction and renovation.

  • Global industrial group

    Completion of several projects using Oracle technologies (OBIE and Oracle Database) in strategic functions, such as finance or purchases, and international deployment.

  • Havana (groupe Pernod Ricard)

    Digital assistance for the websites of two of the group's brands: responsive design on the two sites, graphical re-design desktop, tablet and mobile readability, multilingual and multi-version technological development.

  • Healthcare and provident mutual fund

    Business consulting in the framework of the definition and formalization of use cases Identification / categorization of use cases linked to the business processes existing, formalization of a Big Data trajectory making it possible to identify the first use case - to be undertaken in the framework of a PoC, analysis of operational implications of the broad options identified at the business, organizational and economic level, operational support in the context of the establishment of a first PoC associated with the selected use case.

  • Healthcare and provident mutual fund

    Put into place a solution allowing it to have at its disposal a cost accounting system based on the ABC ('Activity-based Costing') method.

  • Industrial group

    Deployment of budgeting and consolidation software.

  • Industrial group

    In the context of industrializing the follow-up of objectives per employee, deployment of an application for managing the annual pay slips.

  • International banking group

    Rates Parameters and Model Control Department, independent verification of the valuation of the front office from external market informations (Totem, Collateral, Bloomberg, Brokers, etc), methodologies and calculation of reserves specifically on structured products, quantifying the uncertainty of the value of certain parameters, certain pricing models or certain market conditions, calculating the consideration of credit risk on the valuation, models calibration.

  • International car manufacturer

    Support the design of the sales strategy and marketing tools, enabling a reduction in time to market. Design, develop and deploy change management (training and communication) in the different countries, coordinate the implementation.

  • International corporate banking player

    « Vision Sortie du Risque » Project in the Group Risk Department: monitoring transactions to fit the “originate to distribute“ strategy, monitoring outstanding impacted by these transactions (final weight in the total risk), definition of type indicators "net economic exposure guarantees", restitution of informations through the credit portal with a view by counterparty, loading and centralization of informations in Fermat software and in the enterprise database.

  • International energy group

    Support the implementation of the new organization model for the Procurement Department: describe the target organizational model (Matrix Organization) and formalize job descriptions.

  • International energy group

    Full maintenance of the decision support system, implementation of a Third-Party Maintenance (TMD) process for operational maintenance, organization and call monitoring, implementation of management dashboards for various organizational departments within the Group.

  • International hotel and catering group

    Ergonomic and creative re-design for the hotel reservation gateway. The current "mobile first"-oriented design made it possible to define better user journeys involving all consultation terminals. Creation of a complete digital graphic charter for the site and all associated digital supports.

  • International hotel and catering group

    Conception of an online application for generating commercial presentations. A tool which enables the easy creation, on the fly, of quality, homogenous presentations personalised for their clients.

  • International life assurance group

    Detection of Health and Welfare benefits fraud. Assignment to combat health and welfare benefits fraud, mapping of risks of fraud existing within the organization, identification of risks and anti-fraud checks (supplementary proposals based on the Kadris monitoring catalog), predictive analysis tooling initiative. Initialization of the model - pilot phase.

  • International pharmaceuticals group

    Development opportunities with connected objects.


    Putting in place of a Data Management SAS support platform.

  • Key player in the Electrical energy domain

    Support the evolution of the performance management project, in the context of an evolving business model and organization: evolution of performance management (industrial performance, project management, cash management, etc.), simplify and enhance the steering platform in order to harmonize financial consolidation and performance management.

  • Large Hospital

    Consulting mission to follow up the deployment of decision-making baseware at the hospital: structuring and implementation of the 2007-2012 strategic plan, deployment of the management structure, and finalization of the detailed strategic plans for each department as a portfolio of indicators.

  • Large Hospital

    Consulting mission to follow up the deployment of decision-making base ware at the hospital: structuring and implementation of the strategic plan, deployment of the management structure, and finalization of the detailed strategic plans for each department as a portfolio of indicators.

  • Leading Energy Supplier

    Assisting the project managers with implementation of a budgeting project under IBM COGNOS / TM1 technology: support for the financial and business departments in defining their needs, steering the project, coordinating the acceptance activities and supporting users in deploying the solution.

  • Leading international energy player

    Assisting with the definition and implementation of a digitalization strategy around a BIM (Building Information Management) project. A comprehensive assistance assignment (market studies, analysis of competitors' positioning, guaging of markets, organization of awareness seminars for Group management).

  • Leading international player in the construction and public works sector

    Assisting the Group Finance Department with developing performance management

  • Leading pharmaceutical industry player

    MDM Opportunity Study in the context of a Finance / Supply Chain ERP re-design Perimeter and Concepts: Products, projects, suppliers, finance business repositories. Contributions : Support for the ERP initiative and urbanization of the IS. Identification of critical areas of data for the organization, assessment of semantics and the trajectory for subjecting data to monitoring.

  • Leading player in the private media sector

    Communication campaigns on the social networks in order to increase the number of fans of the brand on its local markets (e-marketing, e-mailing, competitions on the social network).

  • Leading player in the private media sector

    Communication campaigns on the social networks in order to increase the number of fans of the brand on its local markets (e-marketing, e-mailing, competitions on the social network).

  • Logic Immo Groupe SPIR

    Ergonomic audit and graphics re-design of the main pathways of one of the most visited real estate classified ads sites in France.​

  • Major energy group

    Conception and implementation of the IBM COGNOS/TM1 solution for budget preparation and production management and monitoring to make it easier for agencies to have at their disposal production analysis tables enabling forecasting and management by targets.

  • Major French bank

    Acceptance of the counterparty risk calculation library on market transactions. Functional acceptance of new versions of the library on exposures of CA-CIB. Restitution of new risk indicators in the intranet portal of the Bank and files generated by the tools of DRCOM to downstream systems.

  • Major insurance group

    Lead generation in the life insurance industry by leveraging external data.

  • Major international bank

    Create a service catalog for the definition and implementation of an integrated portfolio management at CIO level, define a transformation program for delivery of IT projects approach, define the release cycle from demand to post-implementation (definition of phases, activities, deliverables, RACI, acceptance criteria, etc.), standardize the project management methodology (standard approaches and milestones for better control).

  • Major media group

    Detailed analysis of the role and responsibility of the controlling department : organization, processes, information systems and its alignment with the strategic objectives. Analyze the activities from the perspective of the value chain with a focus on customers and develop a dashboard for the following areas: Commercial, Finance, HR, Internal Processes.

  • Major player in the Social Welfare sector

    POC Tableau Software and Alteryx on sales management. Consulting on the representation mode of the performance indicators, and on the positioning of a self-service BI offer.

  • Major retail group

    Support provided to the finance department in the implementation of a solution for standardizing the development of five-year strategies for the leading DIY company.

  • Major retail group

    Support provided to the finance department in the implementation of a solution for standardizing the development of five-year strategies for the leading DIY company.

  • Major services group

    Creation and implementation of two digital services platforms intended respectively for the professionals market and the small- and medium-sized enterprises market, definition of service spheres and the commercialization model and formalization of the business plan, establishment of the detailed portfolio of services and the products roadmap, assistance in choosing the components of the technical platform, putting in place of a pilot.

  • Major services group

    Study into practices and sales performance in mobile telephony at the points of sale, benchmark on 4 networks and the post offices, qualitative and quantitative study conducted with customers exiting from the point of sale as well as a mystery customer study, analysis and recommendations.

  • Major services group

    In the context of the implementation of a tool for the Steering and Analysis of sales and commercial performance. Provider wanted to use the Qlikview technology in order to provide salespeople and managers with a simple and intuitive tool to analyze indicators and aid decision-making.

  • Mass retailing group

    Creation of a Business Intelligence master plan, assistance with choice of tools, compilation of a dictionary of indicators for general management, and several detailed documents: BI architecture, Data Exchanges, and assistance with choosing reporting tools and SID development methodology.

  • Mondial Assistance

    Identification of the risks and anti-fraud checks (supplementary proposals based on the Kadris monitoring catalog).

  • Primagaz

    Scoping and definition of the CRM project for the Commercial Department, deployment of the Microsoft CRM tool with the sales teams, management of the project in collaboration with the editor, the integrator and all those individuals involved internally operational assistance (communication, training, user assistance, monitoring of appropriation).

  • RSI

    Modelling of the process for the integration of all of the RSI populations: preparing the cartography of the Regime's IS, modelling the integration processes and preparing the General Functional Specifications for the affiliation process.

  • Scor

    Tableau Software POC on accounting themes with data from SAP Sybase IQ and supported by the existing SAP BI.

  • South African Financial Institution

    Implementation of the Magic Orange TBM solution to optimize the management and analysis of the institution’s cost transparency.

  • Taxis G7

    Deployment of dashboards for customer complaints with Tableau Desktop and Server.

  • Telecoms operator

    Creation of a Customer Center Incubator of Talent in order to improve the handling of customer dissatisfaction by customer service representatives, training actions on verbal and written customer relations within the customer service centers of SFR and SFR Business Team.

  • Telenet

    Support decision-making of marketing tactics. Historical and predictive analyses of customer behavior aiming at increasing the ROI and diminishing after-sales servicing costs.

  • Transport Company

    Total overhaul of the international transport company's Data Warehouse providing the group with a complete management system – strategic and operational reporting, simulation, scheduling and forecasting

  • Univeg

    Valuation of IT assets: develop an operational action plan for the divestment of certain activities to an industrial investor, the scope of the engagement includes defining a sourcing strategy ensuring the stability of applications and infrastructure while minimizing costs to the selling party.

  • Vinci

    Scoping, design and implementation of the business repository of VINCI Group entities. Harmonization of the business vocabulary, introduction of governance for the collaborative administration of the Group's entities, limitation of impact on working habits, communication with VINCI players and raising of their awareness, support for fiscal dematerialization.