• AB InBev

                                            Several projects in all AB InBev operating zones, successfully deploying new governance and technology to support the Performance Management cycle (Budgeting / Tracking & Monitoring / Forecasting). The various streams span across the full P&L: Revenue and Marginal Contribution, Overhead (ZBB), Customer / Product / Market profitability, Production and Supply costs. Keyrus has supported AB InBev end-to-end: design of analytical models, process and organisation optimisation, tool design and deployment, project and change management.

                                          • AG Insurance

                                            Mapping of the risks of fraud existing within the organization.

                                          • Altarea Cogedim

                                            Assistance with defining and developing the omnichannel strategy, launching an innovative system of digital terminals in several Parisian train stations and shopping centers, developing a digital factory enabling websites and mobile applications to be deployed for each of the shopping centers, launching innovative cross-channel services.

                                          • Aviapartner

                                            Implementation of corrective, adaptive, and scalable maintenance of the SAS Financial Management environment within AviaPartner's charter company's finance department in order to support the financial reporting and operational forecasting processes.

                                          • Bank of America Merill Lynch

                                            Forecast time-dependent information (such as notional volumes, revenues, spreads and exchange rates) sliced by appropriate dimensions (such as channel, broker code, client name, etc.) by utilizing historical data. Batch forecasting of an unlimited number of time series - Automatic choice of best-fitting ARIMA or ETS model based on AIC back testing - Customizable forecast horizon and data aggregation (Day, Week, Quarter, Month, Year) - Determination of forecast accuracy (MAE, MAPE) and prediction intervals - STL trend+season+cycle+noise decomposition (noise-to-information ratio) - Signal analysis by means of frequency decomposition (Fourier).

                                          • Belfius Insurance

                                            Implementation of SAS FM to increase the efficiency of the planning and reporting processes, in order to - Shift expert time to value adding activities by maximally automating the data integration process and reducing manual interventions - Provide sufficient self-service reporting capabilities to business users - Increase visibility and transparency by incorporating sufficient level of detailed information to allow fact based decision making

                                          • BNP Paribas Fortis

                                            Improve the customer experience by exposing (real-time) personalised content based on a visitor’s behaviour, and by targeting prospects and non-identified and identified customers to eventually increase sales conversion. Transforming semi-structured data to structured data and linking various data sources acquired an extensive preparation work.

                                          • BNP Paribas Fortis

                                            Third-party application maintenance of BNP Paribas Fortis’ MBStore application covering an onsite ETL /BI service centre with Informatica, including both functional and technical enhancements, 2nd and 3rd level application support and defect resolution. The MB Store department is responsible for CRM and Financial Reporting for sales and servicing departments under the responsibility of Commercial Banking and Corporate banking.

                                          • Borealis

                                            Borealis is a leading provider of innovative solutions in the fields of polyolefins, base chemicals and fertilizers. Plastic market prices are quite volatile. Keyrus implemented a solution in order to improve the understanding and identify the behaviour of the margin through multiple data sources. Build an accurate algorithm and with convincing results, using Python, R and Weka.

                                          • Candriam

                                            Candriam, formerly known as Dexia Asset Management, is a leading pan-European multi-specialist asset management company that was looking for solutions to support their reporting, budgeting & forecasting and profitability & cost management process. Keyrus did the vendor bench marking and the tool selection based on their business requirements. Keyrus has there after implemented the SAS FM, SAS ABM and SAS VA technologies in order to cope with these requirements.

                                          • Carrefour

                                            At Carrefour Belgium, Keyrus supports the marketing department with customer insights like segmentations and analysis of promotional offers, based on loyalty card data. Based on the Keyrus deliverables, Carrefour creates personalized offers and analysis of the performance of the related offers afterwards.

                                          • CDK Global

                                            CDK Global provides integrated technology solutions to over 27,000 Auto, Truck, Motorcycle, Marine, Recreational Vehicle and Heavy Equipment dealers throughout the world. Keyrus’ mission was to develop reports in Oracle.

                                          • Daikin

                                            Daikin is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) equipment. Keyrus was asked to support the existing SAS DDPO solution and expand the model with other key functionalities, in line with their evolving requierments.

                                          • Daikin

                                            Absenteeism forcast: Daikin wanted the possibility to forecast easily the number of people that will be on set for a period of three months. Keyrus build an algorithm based on the HR files which forecast efficiency the number of worker who will be presents or not, and build a user-friendly web-based interface to let the HR and production employees use the tool without any knowledge in IT. The only thing they need is to feed the model with the files of their own intern technology.

                                          • DS Smith Packaging

                                            DS Smith Plc is a British-based international packaging business. The company manufactures packaging - corrugated packaging, plastic packaging and recycled paper - at sites across Europe. Keyrus was asked to maintain the existing TM1 solution and expand the model with other key financial information (CAPEX, variance analysis, specific data submission, ...).

                                          • DS Smith Packaging

                                            DS Smith Plc is a British-based international packaging business. The company manufactures packaging - corrugated packaging, plastic packaging and recycled paper - at sites across Europe. Keyrus helped DS Smith Packaging in setting up a contribution analysis system to drive sales and to take consistent decisions in Supply Chain. This initiative is part of the implementation of a Generic Profitability Analysis (GPA) tool across the entities of the group. The aim is to be able to measure profitability by order, item and/or customer.

                                          • EDF Luminus

                                            In the framework of the migration of the operational environment of EDF Luminus – number two player on the Belgian energy market - to SAP BW and BusinessObjects, definition and development of the architecture of the Datawarehouse, definition and implementation of a data governance approach, data modelling activities and preparation of reports and of ETL flows.

                                          • Electrabel

                                            Due to an increasing demand of system reliability and support from the business users,Electrabel decided to start aBusiness Intelligence Operations team. The main task of this team is to make sure the daily jobs run successful and on time. Besides that, the team is also in charge of a reporting system and several related servers.

                                          • Eneco

                                            We supported Eneco in better defining their campaign by improving customer targeting. We also provided support in identifying not satisfied customer that are likely to leave to be able to better support them with their interrogations. The key challenge to this project was the collection and the integration of the multiple data sources. Indeed, the data is spread across multiple operational system that require a total integration to build that 360° view of the customer.

                                          • Euroclear

                                            Euroclear is a Belgium-based financial services company that specializes in the settlement of securities transactions as well as the safekeeping and asset servicing of these securities. Keyrus was asked to maintain and support the existing TM1 solution and expand the model with other key financial information (CAPEX, variance analysis, specific data submission, ...).

                                          • FedEx

                                            Keyrus supported FedEx end-to-end in the implementation of the SAS Demand-Driven Planning and Optimization solution and performed the following activities: requirements definition, solution design, implementation, testing and training.

                                          • G4S

                                            The mission of Keyrus was to perform a scoping study to provide G4S with a view on the related workload, timing and cost estimate to implement an adequate Profitability & Cost Management solution.

                                          • Galeries Lafayette

                                            Scoping and implementation of the redesign of the e-commerce site (Hybris E-commerce platform, Endeca Searchandising) on the scale of the entire Galeries Lafayette group.

                                          • Generali

                                            Keyrus has supported GEB in the Tagetik implementation of a Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting solution and performed end-to-end implementation (requirements definition, solution design, implementation, testing and training) and support (post implementation assistance). Keyrus has also delivered a CPM platform, allowing the GEB financial department to manage and plan general expenses in a more optimal way.

                                          • Havana (groupe Pernod Ricard)

                                            Digital assistance for the websites of two of the group's brands: responsive design on the two sites, graphical re-design desktop, tablet and mobile readability, multilingual and multi-version technological development.

                                          • Indaver

                                            Indaver offers Total Waste Management solutions to large scale industry and public authorities. Keyrus implemented a Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting Solution and a Financial Consolidation Solution using IBM Cognos TM1 and IBM Controller.

                                          • International banking group

                                            Categorization of transactions in order to help identify key clients, identify moments of life in the customer lifecycle, … Explore the different data sources and find ways to combine them in order to accurately perform the categorization task, improving on the previously existing model. Key element in future data-driven projects: identification of key clients, identification of moments of life in the customer life cycle, additional input in machine learning algorithms.

                                          • Katoen Natie

                                            Katoen Natie is a global supplier of logistics, distribution services and tailor-made solutions to chemical & automotive industries, consumer goods, electronics & retail sectors. Keyrus provided an assessment of the current solution. Keyrus delivered a comprehensive overview og key points for improvement and future scalability actions.

                                          • KBC

                                            Keyrus supports the KBC Bank Business Intelligence Competence Center team in the development and the management of its BI platforms, including definition of architectures aligned with KBC group policies, sharing knowledge about the BI products catalog and how it can respond to business requirements, and integrating and developing the BI-tools.

                                          • Lucien Barrière

                                            Design an HR dashboard, in accordance with the Balanced Scorecard approach, including indicators related to the main axes of the HR policies (Mobility, Training, Well-being at work, etc.), design a prototype of the Qlikview solution.

                                          • Major player in beverage industry

                                            Connect with the consumer in order to better understand the customer journey, customer preferences and sentiments. Drive product innovation based on customer insights and big data analytics. Sentiment analysis of social media, blogs and other online consumer perceptions of specific ingredients of beverages. Dashboard and reporting of analysis to support daily operations (worldwide). Collect, structure and analyze external surveys to better define consumer journey and usage attitudes related to drinking occasions.

                                          • Major player in the Energy and Utilities sector

                                            Assisting with the definition and implementation of a digitalization strategy around a BIM (Building Information Management) project. A comprehensive assistance assignment (market studies, analysis of competitors' positioning, guaging of markets, organization of awareness seminars for Group management).

                                          • Nutricia

                                            Nutricia is a part of the Danone group that specialises in baby food and clinical nutrition. Keyrus has executed a limited scoping study, delivering: Description and visualization of the current situation; Documented business requirements (reporting, functional and non-functional requirements); Clear technology recommendations; Conceptual solution (how the future solution should be build); Clear 'Roadmap', containing relevant scope items and sequence for agile and iterative deployment, estimates regarding workload, timing and budget.

                                          • Paysafe

                                            Skrill is one of world's leading digital payments companies, with 560 people from 30 nationalities working in London headquarters and offices throughout Europe and the USA. Following results of the audit Keyrus currently supports Skrill in defining and implementing their BI strategy and delivery. The corporate BI architecture is based on the Oracle BI technology stack (incl. Exadata)

                                          • Pelican Rouge

                                            Pelican Rouge is a coffee roaster. Keyrus implemented a Reporting & Consolidation Solution when Pelican Rouge decided to replace Hyperion Enterprise by its successor, Oracle Hyperion Financial Management (HFM).

                                          • Proximus

                                            Implementation of a financial planning initiative, containing the following domains: budgeting, forecasting and long term planning. However, the goal was not just to implement ‘a tool’, but to seize this opportunity as an enabler to drive change. The project, launched by Finance, was directly linked to the DRIVE project, which aimed to a business re-engineering and a deep rethinking of the financial process and model. IBM TM1, including dashboarding, workflow management, forecasting, budgeting & simulation capabilities, was deployed to support this initiative.

                                          • Région Wallonne

                                            Define the IT strategy and roadmap. The project scope covers a five year horizon and includes the future evolution of various Secteur Public institutions of the country. The main themes revolve around: refocusing to the users, innovation in technology, the effectiveness of the IT function and compliance to past agreements. A particular emphasis was placed on the coherence of the IT strategic and the modernization of the administration plans. This project is followed by the implementation of the strategic plan.

                                          • Solvay

                                            Implementation of a solution for data collect with the help of 'Calame Gathering Tools' with a view to making secure, automating and simplifying the calculation, aggregation and analysis of environmental responsabilities (long term cash flow and allowances) generated by more than 4000 sites in the world.

                                          • StepStone

                                            In order to help StepStone increase his offer, improve the customer experience and increase the transformed leads, Keyrus implemented, as first in Belgium, a SAS on Hadoop solution. This allowed to load a significant amount of web data to perform data discovery, enables compute the huge of data, data preparation using SAS DI with quality check, Data Viz, and use current models and deduct and retain successful models.

                                          • SWDE

                                            SWDE is a public company that produces and distributes drinking water. The mission of Keyrus was to perform a scoping study in the domain of Reporting, Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting. A clear deliverable was produced, providing a comprehensive view on the requierments, conceptual solution, technology recommendation, roadmap (including timing & cost estimate).

                                          • Swissport

                                            Swissport is the world's largest provider of ground and cargo handling services in the aviation industry. Keyrus executed a scoping study for a Reporting, Planning, Budgeting Implementation timing Roadmap to sucess.

                                          • Telenet

                                            At Telenet we are clarifying and defining the functional and technical needs concerning a user experience project: the ultimate goal is to improve the happiness of the customers. The upcoming months we will steer a Scrum Team, leading to a fresh Hadoop (Big Data) implementation.

                                          • UCB

                                            Extend the libraries in R to ensure compatibility with Netezza and build a data analysis framework on top of it. The first goal was to fix compatibility issues between dplyr and Netezza and creating a general purpose data processing framework was. The second goal was to develop a data analysis framework for a specific dataset on Parkinson patients. Here, a high level interface was created that generates inputs for machine learning tasks.

                                          • UCB Pharma

                                            ​Implementation of the SAS Financial Management solution to support UCB’s financial budgeting process (Activity-Based Budgeting model). 40 countries were in scope, all cost elements had to be included and a workflow in SAS FM was created to support and organize the budgeting process using the standard SAS FM workflow capabilities.

                                          • UCB Pharma

                                            ​​Keyrus is building a new integrated data warehouse for sales, marketing and supply chain. It is the first step in setting up an enterprise-wide data warehouse. For its German subsidiary, the main objective of our intervention was to support the BI implementation to create a flexible and powerful reporting framework for CRM purposes, to centralize all CRM reporting data in one system, to create a clear visibility on return on investments by comparing activity costs to the sales return realized, to enable fact-based decision making for prioritizing investments to ensure maximization of benefits and finally to roll out Global BI standards.

                                          • Veolia

                                            Using the development of the smart meters and the smartphone application, Veolia wanted to increase the loyalty of its clients. Based on the amount of data given by the smart meters, Keyrus developed a convincing way to handle the data with its RAYS, and to create a high-performance model using Machine Learning algorithms. The business transformation remains in developing an application helping its customers to manage their energy and water consumption in Real-Time. The models cross the data of the customers, their previous consumption, the consumption of the neighborhood and the consumption of their category.

                                          • Vinçotte

                                            Vinçotte was investigating the opportunity to implement a long-term structured Financial Reporting and Planning solution. The mission of Keyrus was to perform a scoping study to provide Vinçotte with a view on the related workload, timing and cost estimate to implement an adequate solution. The outcome of this scoping study also had to deliver the required input for the elaboration of a Request For Proposal (RFP) for the actual implementation of the project, both from a software and an implementation services point of view.

                                          • Vivaqua

                                            Redesign and improve the process efficiency and the organization of the engineering department

                                          • WCO

                                            The World Custom Organisation (WCO) is an independent intergovernmental body whose mission is to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of Customs administrations. WCO assessed their finance and administrative organisation, processes and tools and in that context contracted Keyrus to modernize their accounting processes and procedures, their accounting system and their internal control framework based on the COSO methodology.