Keyrus attaches fundamental importance to the professional and personal development of its employees

Several levers accompany you throughout your career, with the added benefit for you of continual learning throughout projects, across different business sectors, functions and technologies. The constant interaction between each employee and others in project teams also enables them to progress continually by sharing their knowledge and know-how.

An annual training programme also accompanies employees in their career development

It incorporates personalized, individual curricula comprising technical, functional and business modules (project management, conducting of meetingsā€¦). The sessions conducted by senior BI consultants are an opportunity to take direct advantage of their expertise and client experience. Each curriculum can also comprise personal (communication, stress managementā€¦) development and linguistic modules taught by external consultants.

What is Keyrus's added value?

 Its supportive management style! The role of managers is to guide each employee and help them to develop in their function. So, at the end of each project, the manager organises a debriefing on the learning achieved during the project. At the annual assessment interview the manager updates each employee's career plan, mapping of skills and associated goals, along with the means to be deployed in the short and medium term in order to reach them. 

At Keyrus, performance and excellence are encouraged and recognized

Each employee is thus presented with motivating career development prospects consistent with their potential and aspirations. Taking on additional responsibility is encouraged and rewarded by promotion. 60% of the managers have thus come to the post through internal promotion.